Supporting a low-carbon value chain for hydrogen generation, storage, distribution and use

Hydrogen production is one of the technologies that will be key in moving towards a cleaner global energy infrastructure. In fact, scaling up production has been noted by governments worldwide as essential in helping global economies to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and limit global warming temperature rises to not exceed 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels.

However, for hydrogen to fulfil its potential as a sustainable energy source, work must be done to secure a low-carbon value chain for hydrogen generation, storage, distribution and use. Players throughout that chain, including producers, distributors and technology providers, are working to design, build and operate the technology, facilities and infrastructure to make hydrogen a successful energy source.

As part of BV Greenline, our specialist team dedicated to sustainability, offers a vast range of services to support safe and sustainable generation, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen.

Our solutions include:

  • Certification – using a specific certification framework to ensure hydrogen development projects comply with safety standards including Voluntary Certification of Hydrogen Production Units GP01-H2 [PH1] 
  • CCUS – support services for carbon capture utilisation and storage
  • Hydrogen quality – certifying the quality of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen origin – certifying the origin of hydrogen from production source to end use
  • Carbon intensity – evaluating the carbon reduction impact of hydrogen production units
  • Assistance – accompanying hydrogen value chain actors with risk assessments, regulatory framework and expertise
  • Economical, environmental and technical due diligence

Addressing the safety and risk challenges of the new hydrogen economy

Our services span regulatory compliance, risk management, performance and project assistance, through all stages of the value chain including production, compression, transportation, distribution and use.

We are members of the Hydrogen Council, the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association and European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, ensuring that Bureau Veritas remains a key player in the energy transition, present at key stages of the renewable and alternative energy production chain.

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Sep. 13 2021