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In a landscape shaped by the Hackitt Report and the upcoming Building Safety Bill, we stand at the forefront of a revolution in fire safety and compliance. Our mission is clear: to help you navigate the intricacies of the Golden Thread approach, ensuring your projects are not only legally compliant but also prioritise safety, accountability, and efficiency.


The Hackitt Report published in 2018 changed the face of fire safety in the UK. It included the recommendation for a ‘Golden Thread’ of information for all Higher Risk Residential Buildings (any building of ten stories or more which includes residential use), which has since been included in the Government’s Building Safety Bill, taking forward reforms to building and fire safety systems. 

The Golden Thread is a digital record of all project and asset data, detailing how a building was designed, built, managed and operated. It acts as a live repository, linking all data, recording all decisions and therefore giving a clear accountability trail to reduce risk and improve safety. It also introduces a three-stage gateway process to improve fire safety standards, with the requirement for a safety case review at each gateway:

  • Gateway 1 - aimed at providing a fire statement for planning, covering fire service access and water supply for fire fighting
  • Gateway 2 - Building control approval, which allows developers to submit partial case reviews and to commence Gateway 3 to avoid delays
  • Gateway 3 - to ensure that as-built data is available before the first occupation occurs

All new buildings will also require a Building Assurance Certificate from the Building Safety Regulator (the Health and Safety Executive) before it can be occupied.

Crucially, the Golden Thread provides clearer guidance, for safer buildings. It seeks to extend fire safety best practice beyond fire professionals, relaying key information from all stakeholders including architects, contractors, fire engineers, building safety managers and residents.

The Building Safety Bill is expected to become law in late 2021 and the new regime fully implemented by 2023, but organisations should start taking steps now to help meet the new requirements and improve safety.


The Bureau Veritas Construction Consultancy team works with stakeholders throughout the building life cycle to help reduce risk and achieve compliance.

This includes supporting organisations with the transition to the Golden Thread approach, enabling consistent, easier compliance management and enhanced safety across all three gateways. Individual services will depend on specific project needs but will include transparent tracking processes and increased site inspections to satisfy the new requirements.

Working as an independent compliance partner, we combine innovative services and specialist expertise with a unique understanding of the latest regulatory requirements. Put your trust in Bureau Veritas for complete peace of mind.


  • Achieve building/project compliance more easily, including meeting the requirements of the golden thread
  • Improve the safety of buildings through design and operation stages
  • Impartiality from an independent compliance partner with no financial association to remedial contractors
  • Assistance with safety case reviews at each stage of the gateway process
  • Consultative approach to improve process efficiency and help minimise project costs
  • Digital platforms including Building in One, our innovative cloud-based solution for step-by-step property compliance 
  • Support from an experienced industry expert, with access to a full range of testing, inspection and certification services including construction consultancy


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