Forest & Wood Certification Services


Bureau Veritas assesses risk and provides risk mitigation solutions through FSCTM A000504 certification. Our audits allow you to prove traceability of the forest and wood products you supply throughout the value chain, evaluate your products and suppliers, based on our technical procedures and their local expertise. 

The Bureau Veritas Solution:

  • Gathers information on the species, place of harvest and legality of timber products
  • Verifies and analyses illegality risk
  • Identifies risk level and implements risk mitigation measures

All of our procedures can be efficiently implemented. Our objective is to take out the administrative burden so you can focus on running your business.

EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)

Bureau Veritas Certification has developed a due diligence system designed to fulfil the requirements of the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation), no more and no less, in a cost-effective manner.

Our dedicated due diligence system ensures you can import or market your forest, timber and wood products secure in the knowledge you are in full compliance with the European regulation.

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What is FSCTM A000504 Certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council®  (FSCTM A000504) is an independent NGO created in response to growing concerns over deforestation. Founded in 1993, it is globally recognised today for the promotion of forest certification. 

FSCTM A000504 Certification is a voluntary standard aimed at supporting responsible forest management on a global scale. All FSCTM A000504 certified forest products have been verified throughout their supply chains – from their origin to their final destination.

Who can benefit from FSCTM A000504 certification?

FSCTM A000504 has two distinct types of certifications for forest managers or companies using forest products.

Bureau Veritas Certification is an independent third party accredited by ASI to provide both Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification.


FSCTM A000504 Forest Management

FSCTM A000504 Forest Management Certification is for companies that manage or own forest resources and would like to establish and communicate their responsible practices to consumers.

Forest Managers that would like to become FSCTM A000504 certified must also achieve FSCTM A000504 Chain of Custody Certification to sell their products.

CDP reporting for sustainability Bureau Veritas

FSCTM A000504 Chain of Custody

FSCTM A000504 Chain of Custody Certification is for any company handling or using FSCTM A000504 certified forest products (i.e. furniture manufacturers, publishers, pulp industries, and all other wood products) to attest to the wood's traceability and legal origin and can use the FSCTM A000504 trademark.

Becoming FSCTM A000504 Chain of Custody certified means your clients also dispose the right to use the FSCTM A000504 certified trademark on their products, provided they hold their own certificate.

What are the key benefits of FSCTM A000504 Certification?

  • Grants your organisation access to key markets around the globe while protecting forest resources
  • Improves consumer confidence in your products
  • Becomes a strong lever to differentiate your forest products and improve your brand’s image

The delivery of  FSCTM A000504 certification services is in association with Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS.

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What is PEFC Certification?

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable forest management monitored by independent third-party certification.

PEFC is effective throughout the timber supply chain to ensure that forest product production respects ecological, social and ethical standards. It is a mark of trust for customers and consumers to identify products from sustainably managed forests and it works as an umbrella organization to endorses national forest certifications systems to fit with local conditions. PEFC has endorsed 30 national certification systems and includes more than 230 million hectares of certified forests.

Who can benefit from PEFC certification?

PEFC has two distinct types of certification for forest managers or companies using forest products.



For companies that manage or own forest resources and would like to establish and communicate their responsible practices to consumers. Forest Managers that would like to become PEFC certified must also achieve PEFC Chain of Custody Certification to sell their products.

GHG Reporting and ISO 14604 Certification


Suitable for any company handling or using PEFC certified forest products ( manufacturers, publishers, pulp industries, and all other wood products) to attest to the wood's traceability and legal origin and can use the PEFC label.

Becoming PEFC Chain of Custody certified means your clients also dispose the right to use the PEFC label on their forest products.

What are the key benefits of PEFC Certification?

PEFC’s certification brings you important benefits:

  • Grants access to PEFC ecosystem markets
  • Gives confidence to your consumers and customers that your products come from sustainably managed forests
  • Allows you to adopt a risk management approach for your procurement processes and prevent future issues


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