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Sustainability Report Assurance

Bureau Veritas supports organisations with independent sustainability report assurance to ensure they meet increased expectations.

DEMONSTRATE YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY with sustainability report assurance

Greater scrutiny of corporate governance and increased demand for transparency now means that corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues have gained a firm place on the agenda of boards and senior management worldwide.

Evolving legislation such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and voluntary standards are continually introduced to ensure companies are accountable for their impact on the environment and society at large.

Openly communicating this accountability to stakeholders through sustainability reporting can build trust and support, but only if the stakeholders are confident that the shared information is a true reflection of the company’s social, environmental and ethical performance.

How bUREAU vERITAS supports with sustainability report assurance

As an independent body, Bureau Veritas provides an objective view of your sustainability reporting and reassures stakeholders that the information is accurate and free of bias.

As each company’s sustainability strategy is unique, our Sustainability Services Team delivers personalised and robust assurance solutions that reflect each client’s individual needs.

Our methodology incorporates recognised best practices and we constantly review and adapt our internal protocols to align with existing standards and frameworks, including the AA1000 Assurance Standard and the ISAE3000 standard for auditing of non-financial information.


  • Introduction to Sustainability Reporting (CSRD)

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    Solar panels that are part of CSRD reporting

    A one-day course on the basics of sustainability reporting, its benefits and why it is important to be prepared to start reporting. You’ll learn:
    -    How companies are impacted directly and indirectly by sustainability reporting requirements 
    -    The type of information required to create a report aligned with CSRD requirements 
    -    How you could begin to capture and aggregate the information within your company

  • GRI Readiness Assessment

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    Stack of logs for global reporting initiative

    The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the most popular corporate sustainability reporting framework. It’s both an end in itself, and an important stepping-stone on the journey to regulatory reporting. Completion includes:
    -    Online self-assessment at site level
    -    A series of interviews and further evidence gathering
    -    Bureau Veritas grading your sites by maturity score on their sustainability reporting systems and processes
    -    Assurance readiness assessment report identifies any gaps for you to address in your reporting

  • CSRD Gap Analysis

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    A gap in nature representing gap analysis for CSRD

    Gauge your maturity under Europe’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). With this service we will:
    -    Conduct double materiality analysis
    -    Evaluate your current systems and processes to identify any gaps 
    -    Identify opportunities for more comprehensive implementation of ESG information management systems

  • Data Collection services

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    Green server stack for sustainability data collection

    Alongside Capgemini, we can assess your sites’ sustainability maturity as well as their related IT Systems and Data Collection processes. This means:
    -    Developing and implementing a Digitalisation Roadmap
    -    Guidance through closing reporting gaps and delivering data with increased efficiency
    -    Making demonstrable positive impact on your sustainability performance

  • Assurance of Sustainability Reports

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    Leaf in nature for sustainability reporting

    As an independent third party, Bureau Veritas assurance practitioners follow international standards to evaluate your sustainability report and the underlying management systems feeding into it. Beyond verifying data, our report assurance service gives you:
    -    Useful feedback on your data collection & in-depth analysis
    -    Presentation methods for demonstrating best practice in sustainability reporting to your stakeholders
    -    Our assurance opinion statement for publication in your report and a private internal management report containing further opportunities for improvement

THE BENEFITS of independent SUSTAINABILITY report assurance

  • Provide internal and external stakeholders with the confidence that the reported information is relevant, complete and accurate
  • Achieve compliance with applicable legislation including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  • Mitigate the corporate risks associated with the potential disclosure of inaccurate or misleading information
  • Gain useful feedback on good practice and potential improvements to be made in the future to streamline and enhance sustainability reporting, including data collection, analysis and presentation
  • Gain support from an experienced team of qualified sustainability experts
  • Access a complete range of sustainability services from Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification


As an independent third party, Bureau Veritas assurance practitioners follow international standards to evaluate your sustainability report and the underlying management systems feeding into it.

We’re experienced at delivering a wide range of sustainability services, working with clients to help deliver on, monitor, enhance and provide assurance on their ESG goals.  Choose our trusted team of experts for Sustainability Report Assurance and you can benefit from:

  • An experienced team of qualified sustainability experts
  • A partnership approach, focused on meeting your objectives with efficiency
  • Full range of services to support your Sustainability Report, from readiness assessment and training, through to assurance of your report
  • Access to a complete range of sustainability services from Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification


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