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Innovation & Digital

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, but with new opportunities come new risks.

To assist our clients in meeting these challenges, Bureau Veritas leads the market with a portfolio of innovation services and digital solutions, embracing the latest technologies to help optimise efficiency, improve safety, reduce disruption of services and ultimately minimise risk - all whilst delivering excellent service levels.

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Drone technology

Blended inspections with drone technology

Vast sites and challenging environments often mean it can be difficult to complete statutory inspections efficiently at industrial sites. Locations may be hazardous, production may need to be shut down to enable inspections to take place and costly scaffolding may need to be erected.

To overcome these challenges, we have joined forces with Puffin Technology, the world’s leading provider of drone-based inspection services to the global industrial markets, to deliver a market-leading blended inspection service.

By combining the latest drone technology with Bureau Veritas’ inspection expertise, we deliver an enhanced service that reduces disruption on site and improves safety for inspection engineers, even in the most challenging of environments.

Remote inspection

Remote inspection and supervision

Working in remote locations, on hard-to-access assets and sometimes in hazardous working conditions, it can be challenging to monitor the quality of audits and inspections in order to maintain the highest standards of service.

We have introduced RealWear technology for our staff, which enables remote monitoring of tasks completed on site and complete two-way communication.

With a camera that can be mounted on the head, voice-controlled LED light and remote picture capture, RealWear technology allows us to improve quality, facilitate quicker response times and ensure adherence with accreditation standards.


Mixed/augmented reality

Training our engineers on how to deliver inspections to the highest standards on vast, hard-to-access assets has inevitably been a challenge. It is often unpractical to bring such assets to the training location, whilst using client sites for learning and development can be disruptive and costly to the client. Sometimes inspection engineers must be trained to spot defects that may only occur once every five years or less.

By using Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality technology, we can now bring these assets to life in the Bureau Veritas Training Centre or at any other location. The mixed reality smartglasses deliver an augmented reality hologram that enables inspection engineers to view parts, understand inspection requirements and splice the asset to view cross-sections. We can even introduce defects to enhance the training scope and provide greater learning opportunities than ever before.

Building in One

Building in One

Building in One from Bureau Veritas is designed to offer simple, step-by-step property portfolio compliance.

This web-based system, designed by our own engineers and developed by market leading tech experts can help to minimise and control your risks, manage your remedial actions and give you peace of mind that your business remains compliant at all times. Define, plan, schedule and monitor all relevant regulatory compliance inspections using one, simple to use platform.  Learn more

Building in One: Cloud-Based Compliance Solution

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