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CDP Reporting

With an ever-increasing global focus on sustainability transparency, CDP reporting provides essential corporate sustainability data to the global market. See the benefits of third-party support and how the Bureau Veritas team can support you.


Reporting to the CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project) can demonstrate action and boost your reputation. The CDP reporting process also enables companies to identify and proactively manage their potential risks and opportunities on key sustainability topics such as climate change, forests, water, biodiversity and plastics.

In existence since 2000, CDP has become the gold standard for carbon disclosure methodology and process. The CDP's online database is the largest registry of corporate GHG emissions and corporate climate change strategies in the world.


CDP is a voluntary reporting framework which helps to improve transparency to stakeholders and investors. It is not mandatory, but can form a part of increasingly vital ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies for organisations looking to prove their commitment.

CDP reporting is applicable for any organisation wanting to improve transparency over its sustainability performance. It helps meet growing expectations from financial institutions and consumers for transparent, responsible action when it comes to environmental performance. It also reduces potential risks and boosts confidence from stakeholders. And the numbers are growing each year - in 2023, a total of 23,293 disclosures were made (up 24% year on year), including 8,000 companies that started their journey by disclosing for the first time. 

Cdp reporting: a panel discussion

Join sustainability experts from Bureau Veritas and Hill & Smith to explore corporate environmental reporting, CDP reporting benefits for businesses and how the process works.


Watch it now for the answers to these questions and more: 

  • What are the main factors that prompt businesses to explore CDP reporting?
  • How does CDP relate to other reporting standards?
  • Why are companies choosing to report to CDP when there are so many other reporting options available?

watch our CDP reporting panel discussion


CDP reporting is completed on an annual basis. The reporting platform opens in April every year and the current deadline for disclosure is September, with scores being published early in the following year. The CDP disclosure questionnaire is complex and evolves year on year, and if tailored advice and/or verifications are required, it can take a substantial amount of time to complete. Changes to the framework each year can add challenges too.



Many companies turn to a specialist to support them through the process and help improve the quality and score of their CDP disclosure, either through consultancy or verification.


Bureau Veritas offers a team of sustainability experts, combining experience of the CDP scoring process with a strong track record in delivering sustainability services across all sectors.


  • Advisory and consultancy services

    For organisations that are looking to improve their CDP reporting score or need support with their disclosure. This may be of particular use to those who are reporting for the first time, or companies that have seen their score decrease in recent years and need to look for areas of improvement.

  • Gap analysis and verification

    Expert analysis and insight to help improve results for organisations that have already submitted to CDP in previous years. This includes independent verification of current data disclosed to CDP, an independent statement confirming that reported information is accurate and reliable, as well as a detailed analysis to assist organisations in driving improvements.

  • Independent Verification of CDP data

    Independent verification of data disclosed to CDP will increase your score as it helps meet additional criteria. Verification of data also provides a more robust data set on which to base target and gives more confidence to stakeholders about the company’s data and commitment to sustainability.

As the 2020 CDP Global Scoring Partner, Bureau Veritas scored thousands of companies' responses to the CDP climate change, water and forest questionnaire, which was used by CDP to rate companies and publish the scoring results. This experience leaves us best placed to advise, verify and guide organisations through the CDP reporting process.

why choose bureau veritas to support with CDP reporting?

  • Strong expertise built on more than ten years’ experience supporting organisations with their Carbon Disclosure Project submissions
  • A specialist sustainability team, combining regulatory understanding with a passion for driving sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies
  • A full range of sustainability services including sustainability strategy, sustainable procurement, carbon services, legal compliance, assurance and verification


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