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Safety and compliance are key to any major construction project. With ever-changing legislative requirements, project-specific framework demands and a host of other regulations to meet, commercial property development can be a compliance minefield, even for the experts.


  • Better defined projects, reducing risk and increasing success

  • We provide legislative compliance

  • Cost savings by getting expert advice during the project strategy and estimating

  • Realistic pricing and project timescales

  • Global access to services from world-wide construction consultancy

Bureau Veritas - Experts in construction consultancy

Companies at all stages of the design and construction process will turn to an end-to-end, independent, multi-disciplinary partner like Bureau Veritas to manage risk, add value, drive cost efficiencies and give clients peace of mind.

In addition to construction consultancy services Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) and we have more than 190+ years of experience meaning that we also can assist you in other areas of your business if needed.


Divisional Director for Building Control

Bureau Veritas

It’s very rare that you find an employer who values both their employees and their clients as much as Bureau Veritas does. Giving our people the platform and support to do their job to the best of their ability can only benefit our clients.