Volunteering in the Community


In partnership with Aspire Oxfordshire Community Enterprise Bureau Veritas UK has partnered with charities and non-profit organizations to help create a positive impact and continue our mission in Shaping a World of Trust.  

In 2022 1 in 4Employees engaged in the programme in some way
216Unique individuals engaged in volunteering activities
15Team volunteer days took place
600+Hours were spent volunteering by Bureau Veritas UK employees in 2022
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In 2022, a quarter of our employees participated in the program. We hosted 21 lunchtime volunteering events in Manchester, London, and Birmingham, which included activities such as solving problems for a homelessness charity, food packing for those in need, and participating in scientific research. Additionally, we took part in 15 team volunteer days and committed to three large action days in 2023 with the Manchester City Council Parks Service. 

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Bureau Veritas UK also offers skill-matched roles for its employees, including mentoring and tutoring for disadvantaged children and young people. In 2022, we ran seven volunteering taster sessions in Manchester, London, and online, and facilitated two online lunch and learn sessions for Action Tutoring. As a result, at least seven staff members committed to mentoring and tutoring in 2023. 

The Case Studies

At Bureau Veritas, we value the importance of giving back to our communities and making a positive impact. Read the below case studies to find out more about our activities. 

Mustard Tree

One of our volunteer initiatives involved teaming up with the Mustard Tree Food Club, a shop in central Manchester that provides affordable groceries to individuals on low incomes. In July 2021, we filled all their Thursday shifts, sending groups of two-four to help in the food club every week, giving a total of 66 hours over the summertime.


Global Compliance Coordinator

Bureau Veritas

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of it. As you said many times, it’s hard work at the beginning, but it’s so rewarding to see the amazing work they are doing there and have the chance to give a little help with Bureau Veritas's support.
Individual helping to stack shelves

The Volunteer Coordinator at Mustard Tree, Will Hall, also expressed his appreciation, saying, "The support provided by Bureau Veritas has been invaluable to say the least. We wouldn’t have been able to keep our food club manned without Bureau Veritas in July." 

The Felix Project

Another example of our volunteering efforts is our lunchtime session with the Felix Project, where we learned about the situation of food poverty in the UK and put ourselves in the shoes of service users by competing in food packing challenges. 

Two individuals with a food basket in an office space

Paul Bentley, who works for the Felix Project, shared his experiences with us, saying, "The charities we deliver to are so thankful for the deliveries, I mainly visit a Salvation Army homeless shelter and the people there always say thanks and have a good chat with you." This session led to two of our London-based colleagues, Thea and Olivia, signing up to volunteer with the Felix Project. 

Skill Matched Placements 

We also believe in the importance of skill-matching our volunteers to ensure that we are making the biggest impact possible. We partnered with ReachOut Mentoring and Action Tutoring to provide high-quality volunteer mentors and tutors to children from under-resourced areas. In 2022, we ran seven volunteering taster sessions in Manchester, London, and online, giving our employees the opportunity to try out the types of wholesome activities ReachOut run for children and young people. Additionally, we facilitated two online lunch and learn sessions for Action Tutoring, where employees could find out about opportunities to tutor children and young people in Maths and English. Our efforts resulted in at least seven staff committing to mentoring and tutoring in 2023.

8 +Volunteering events planned for 2023
When surveyed 100% Of employees would recommend the Bureau Veritas Volunteering service to a colleague
When surveyed 93%Of Bureau Veritas UK staff would recommend their specific role to a colleague
Of our employee volunteers 89%Say they have good opportunities to learn and grow at Bureau Veritas.