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Meet the teams at Bureau Veritas

Our workforce is a dynamic and diverse mix of talent, combining innovative thinking and technical expertise with the highest standards of service. Every year, we hire more than 10,000 new employees all over the world, from engineers to inspectors, laboratory technicians to auditors, project manager to marketeers.

  • Head Office

    Have you heard about Bureau Veritas?

    We have the standard functions you would expect from a head office including sales and marketing, human resources, IT/IS, finance and legal, but what is it that makes us different and why would you want to work here...

    …Our mission is to make the world a safer place, to support this from our head office roles we need to deliver the best service we can for both our internal and external clients. We need to be able to work efficiently and productively to ensure our field-based teams can do what they need to do for our clients.

    Whatever role you take in head office you will have contact with clients so an initiative-taking mindset is needed as well as the want to improve and challenge the business so we can continue to grow as an organisation.

    We have two core locations, the head office in Birmingham which houses the marketing, HR, and legal teams. Our biggest office in Manchester where our finance and IT teams are based. However, we are always looking for the brightest and best talent for the job so no matter where you are based come and talk to us about what you are looking for.


  • Marketing, Sales and Client Development

    Welcome to our team and we mean a TEAM, we work together to deliver the very best for our customers. Whether that is through our external communications channels by providing accurate messaging on our services with our values and ethics at the heart of what we say. With our business development teams talking to prospective customers to advise on the latest in legislation, the fundamentals of health and safety and new services which will support our customers to have the safest environments to work in. Plus, the client development team, who are focused on our key customers by becoming a true partner in their operation; adding value and with a deep understanding of their challenges and their business. What sits at the heart of everything we offer our clients is how we can make the world a safer, more sustainable place.

    We are looking for people with energy, drive and passion. To be part of our team your communication skills must be your biggest selling point, you will need to be able to create solid stakeholder relationships and be able to collaborate as a team to create the most desirable solutions for the business units and customers we work together.

    The workload is demanding, we work at pace and cover the whole business, there are plenty of challenges, but no day is the same, the people we get to work with are incredible, their expertise and knowledge makes doing our job interesting and you get to learn new things every day. Development is also something we strongly believe in with our teams. Whether that is expanding your technical knowledge through expert led training, progressing within our business development teams; from a graduate sales role to market sector lead or side stepping to the operational side of the business, we are happy to support you through your development goals.  If this sounds like the right place for you, please get in touch for a chat.

    To see some of our current work just look at our website, from SEO driven content, to on demand webinars and project insights, our website is our true shop window into the work we do and what we talk to our customers about each and every day.

    Sales director

    John Lester - Marketing & Sales Director, UK

    “As a Sales and Marketing division, we pride ourselves on our ambition and drive to help our clients in making the world a safer place. We are at the very early stages of our next strategy, SP25 which is all about growth which in turn means our team is growing and our ambition is increasing. Recognised as the best Marketing & Sales team amongst our European colleagues, our division thrives on team work, collaboration and success!”

    Marketing, Communications, Headshot

    Celeste Morrissey - Head of Communications

    “Supporting career progression and encouraging personal development is really important in our team. We have welcomed back intern placement students as they become graduates. One of our recent marketing graduates has been promoted across into the Bid team as Manager. We also have another person who joined us as the marketing assistant, very quickly progressed into a product specialist and then took on a new role as the marketing manager with people responsibilities all within three years. We love to see people succeed!”

    Sales, head shot

    Ben Skinner - Head of Sales

    “The business development team have a fantastic opportunity within Bureau Veritas, working across a multitude of industries and sectors, being able to offer a huge selection of services from our portfolio. Helping our customers understand their requirements and provide the right level of service for each of the individual people we talk too.”

    Client development, Headshot

    Lawrence Murchan - Head of Client Development

    “Client development is a critical role in the business, we are a new but growing team focused on a number of complex key accounts; those clients that need a single connection from their business into ours. Our team take pride in truly understanding the challenges their clients face and work across all of the Bureau Veritas business units and technical teams to create the right solutions."  


  • The Technical Centre

    The Bureau Veritas Technical Centre is an area that needs a little more explanation. We are a team of highly skilled individuals from Doctors to Principal Consultants to new Graduates who work across many specialist areas which include:

    • Sustainability consultancy
    • Assurance
    • Environmental consultancy
    • Air quality consultancy
    • Noise and vibration consultancy
    • Occupational hygiene consultancy
    • Fire engineering
    • Fire science
    • Risk and safety consultancy
    • Engineering technical services

    The Technical Centre operates at the very heart of the Bureau Veritas business -crossing over into many of our standard services providing clients with an additional layer of consultancy assurance in specialised fields.

    Our teams operate across multiple sectors and industries which is what makes it interesting, the people that join us will be exposed to many diverse types of clients all at different levels within their own specific journey. This is what makes working here so interesting, we are one of a few places that can offer such a breadth of experiences whether you are starting your career, or you have the expertise to further support and guide our clients.

    What it takes to be part of our team?

    An in-depth knowledge of your specialist area, with a passion to support our clients with their growth and development. An ability to work across all levels of our organisation and build relationships with your clients. Be the voice of your specialism and share your knowledge across Bureau Veritas.


  • Electrical Engineering

    The world of electrical work is ever-evolving and changing, there are lots of innovations and exciting plans ahead and here at Bureau Veritas, we want to lead the way. To do this we need experienced “Electricians” that are looking for a new career direction to provide inspection and testing for our huge variety of clients. Our electrical engineering team undertake a variety of inspections across all sectors and industries, working for all types of clients from local commercial properties to renowned international brands.  

    The electrical team consists of a Head of Operations, Regional Managers, Team Leaders and a vast number of Electrical Test and Inspection Engineers.

    Electrical, Technical, Career

    A core member of our team is Michael Kenyon MEIT, Head of Electrical Technical Development. Michael’s knowledge and work features in a huge amount of trade publications as he provides insight and comments on the world of electrical from the 18th edition through to electrical vehicle charging.  

    If you are looking to take your experience and knowledge forward, come and talk to us, we have great opportunities for you to develop your skills and be part of innovation in the electrical landscape.   


  • Engineer Surveyors

    Welcome to Bureau Veritas’ Mechanical team, industry leaders in statutory inspection.  Making the world a safer place is at the heart of what we do each and every day. Our inspection and testing services aren’t visible to most, but the skill and experience of our team enable countless organisations to operate ensuring their staff and customers are safe.  

    At the heart of our growing team are a multitude of highly skilled engineer surveyors, delivering statutory inspections in lifting equipment, passenger lifts, pressure systems, power press and process machinery, local exhaust ventilation and mobile plant; to a vast portfolio of clients.

    Meet the Mechanical team

    Our engineer surveyors report directly into the Mechanical Operations team of Managers; however, we also have Service Delivery and Technical Teams within the division to ensure maximum support to our engineer surveyors with scheduling, client queries, asset loading, training and technical support. Before getting out on the road in your new field-based role as engineer surveyor, all of our new recruits are onboarded at our state-of-the-art in-house training school.

    Are you looking for a career with progression opportunities, or to broaden your skill set? Our Pathway to X programme, licentiateship and HNC opportunities, in house training school and team of knowledgeable technical experts make that a reality for you here at Bureau Veritas.

    Stat inspections, Engineer, Career
    What are we working on?

    Thanks to our vast portfolio of clients, no two days are the same for an engineer surveyor in our Mechanical team, delivering statutory inspections for some of the UK’s most recognisable retail, construction and banking clients. Our workload is demanding and all of our clients are important to us, whether you are on a large well-known retail site or a local vehicle repair garage, we have high expectations of our engineer surveyors to deliver excellent service at all times.

    What is it like to be an engineer surveyor at Bureau Veritas?  

    When asked what the most appealing attributes were whilst working for Bureau Veritas, engineer surveyor Jamie Dyson said: 

    Mechanical career, Engineer, Inspections

    Through our good quality service and meeting our client’s demands, we build really strong relationships. I have a few regular clients who I have been seeing for a number of years which allows me to build a rapport and ensure that they are happy. The level of flexibility that I am given is beneficial in managing a good work–life balance and compared to roles I have had elsewhere; Bureau Veritas does this very well.  In addition to this, the team that I work with are really great. Everyone is so down to earth and there is a strong feeling of teamwork. Although we do not see each other every day, any one of us can reach out to another for support, including the area managers. Finally, every day is different which keeps me on my toes. I never know what the day will bring and this ensures that every day is kept interesting!”

    In the Military and looking for a CareEr with Bureau Veritas?

    We are proud to already have over 120 ex-service personnel building their second career with us here at Bureau Veritas. New recruits are supported by our own 'transition network' and participate in a tailored programme of training and development to ensure a smooth resettlement on a new career path. Click here to visit our Forces recruitment page for more information.


  • Building Control Consultancy

    We are recognised as the leading independent provider of Building Control Approved Inspector services. Our highly skilled team of professionals combine technical expertise and market-leading systems with unrivalled industry experience to deliver building control services to some of the biggest names in construction.

    Meet the Bureau Veritas Building Control Team

    Our senior management team is led by Business Unit Director Chris Jones. We are actively recruiting for experienced technical/commercial surveyors to join Chris's successful team, working across complex, commercial projects for some of the biggest names in the construction industry.  

    We are looking for people with energy, drive and a passion for working within the industry. As part of our team, both your technical and communication skills will be key, you will need to be able to create solid stakeholder relationships and work with our clients and design team partners to achieve the successful completion of a project(s).

    Working for a global leader like Bureau Veritas brings you a lot of opportunities to gain experience and develop and it is an ideal opportunity for someone who is looking to pursue a career in the construction industry. Also, the structure of the company provides employees with a strong path of development.

    We are proud to give a platform to our teams to develop skills and experience. More than that, we are proud to offer a diverse, inclusive workforce where people are given the platform to increase awareness and pursue internal opportunities within a team-centred environment.

    What are we working on?

    Specialising in commercial development, we work on some of the most exciting projects taking place in England and Wales. Such as; the Francis Crick Institute, Papworth Hospital, Manhattan Loft Gardens etc.

    Our workload is demanding, we work across multiple sectors providing excellent technical and commercial advice, there are lots of challenges and no day is the same, our clients are highly respected and require an excellent service - collaborating with them makes our roles both interesting and challenging.

    If this sounds like the right place for you, please get in touch for a chat.


  • Health, Safety & Fire

    We have some big ambitions in our team and recruitment of the right people will help us to drive growth which makes it an exciting time for our division. We bring together multi-skilled consultants and technical experts covering all aspects of health, safety, quality and environmental compliance across the globe.  

    Our specialist Health and Safety Service division leads the industry in providing innovative solutions that add value to customers predominantly in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Our experienced teams operate across several key markets, from Finance to Retail, Food to Power & Utilities, and FM to Manufacturing - working with everyone from 'subject matter experts to global conglomerates.  

    Our consultants are the best in the business and provide advice on all aspects of compliance and legislative standards; offering trusted, knowledgeable, specialist expertise that truly support clients to manage risk.  

    Our core teams are: 

    • Fire Safety 
    • Asbestos Management 
    • Indoor Air and Water Quality (IAWQ) 
    • Health and Safety 
    • Food Sector 
    • Construction Design Management (CDM)  

    With a rapidly expanding business, we need passionate, experienced and skilled people to help us to continue to grow. The people that join our team will help us deliver a high level of service to our clients and enable us to build bigger, stronger and more diverse teams. 


  • Occupational Health & Safety

    Welcome to the Occupational Health & Safety Services team. We are a group of passionate and enthusiastic safety professionals, headed up by Elena Mumby (Head of Risk) who looks after the core team comprising of Senior Safety Consultants, Safety Consultants and Technical Reviewers.

    We champion career progression within our team; an intern applicant from an Inspection and Accreditation role within Bureau Veritas has recently become the Lead Risk and Safety DSEAR Specialist with the Occupational Health & Safety Services team. Also, one of our Senior Consultants became embedded Global Health & Safety Manager for a blueprint bank entity.

    We are a diverse team with many nationalities, engaged with a range of clients from small UK entities to global and blueprint entities. Using our skills and experience we tailor our technical delivery to the needs of the client influencing their health & safety performance. When face with challenges the extensive network provided by Bureau Veritas globally enables us to meet the needs of our clients.


  • Certification

    To really appreciate how a customer can go from strength to strength a comprehensive audit programme is the way forward. It is about supporting an organisation so that they can identify areas for growth and development, gain more clients and operate in the most efficient and effective way for their business.  

    Our team has a huge range of skills and we are always looking for more people who want to help our customers navigate their way through an audit programme by showcasing the benefits and supporting them through the process by providing a professional view on their challenges and where they have made improvements.  

    We are continuing to hit our growth targets as a team and we want to see this continue by further building our client base across our core sectors; aerospace, food, manufacturing, technologies etc. and by expanding into new developing industries. If you are considering a move and want to join a forward-thinking organisation with a strategic vision for the future come and talk to us today.  


  • Renewable Energy

    Our renewable energy division is striving to lead the way in certification and advisory services in the UK’s renewable energy market. With global support across the Bureau Veritas companies we are in a strong position to provide the expertise to our customers in this ever-important field. 

    Renewable, Energy, career

    Our renewables team is headed up by Mauricio Pereira. Mauricio’s vision is to develop the Bureau Veritas’ Renewable Energy division and support the power sector in accelerating the UK’s energy transition. This will include continued operational and customer service excellence by providing solutions that tackle immediate and future challenges around renewable energy development. 

    With the UK at such a pivotal time in the energy transition and with ambitious targets set by the Government to meet a low-carbon future, it’s an exciting time to be working in renewable energy as the sector rapidly reinvents itself. As we continue to build our team and meet the challenges of our customers come and talk to us if want to be part of our network of highly skilled individuals that has been born from many divisions and teams working together across the Bureau Veritas family.  

    Discover more about an iconic project our team have recently been chosen to certify by clicking here.

    Renewable, Energy, career



  • Nuclear Energy

    Our professional approach is key to our success in this sector. Our teams provide a wide range of engineering, inspection and quality services to all sectors of the UK nuclear industry for the construction of nuclear power plants and processing facilities, supply chain assessments, in-service inspections all the way through to final decommissioning in both civil and defence sectors.  

    We deliver a range of regulatory, 3rd Party Inspection, QA/QC, Auditing and Expediting services for our clients in the nuclear sector, providing oversight and audit across the UK and overseas nuclear supply chain.  

    The professionalism and expertise within this Bureau Veritas team is testament to the critical importance of our Nuclear Safety culture