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The realm of building safety has seen several legislative changes in recent years, largely due to the outcomes of the Hackitt Review.

Amongst these changes is the Building Safety Bill, which includes 53 recommendations to drive cultural change and safety improvements within the construction industry.

Introduced to Parliament last July, the Bill is the next step in ground-breaking reforms to make homes in England and Wales safer and to give residents and homeowners more rights, powers and protections. It will overhaul regulations and set out a clear pathway on how residential buildings should be constructed, maintained and made safe.

The Bill introduces a three-stage gateway process to improve fire safety standards and will be regulated by a newly appointed Building Safety Regulator, which must sign off each gateway before progressing to the next.

Andy Lowe


Bureau Veritas

The introduction of the Building Safety Bill is without a doubt the biggest transformation in the building regulation system of our time.

Our new video series introduces you to each step in the process, guiding you seamlessly through the gateways.

Look out for more helpful and exciting content on this page in the coming months, as more changes to Building Regulations come to fruition.

Introducing the Building Safety Bill – Exploring Gateway three Episode 4

Description Welcome to the fourth video in our Building Safety Bill series, and today I’ll be focusing on the final of the three gateways – Gateway Three. The Building Safety Bill establishes a new regime that will overhaul the building safety system in England and Wales. It brings in a stringent framework for high-rise buildings, which will strengthen regulatory requirements before building work commences, through construction and before occupation.

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Apr. 26 2022