We want your experience of the certification journey with Bureau Veritas to be a successful one. That’s why we’ve listened to you to truly understand what you expect from us. The result is our ‘Four Essentials’ – the fundamental service we aim to provide to our customers as they embark on their certification journey.


    We understand that you will want to ask questions easily and freely during your certification journey and have a clear picture of what is happening and when during an audit. Bureau Veritas commits to being clear and transparent throughout the entire certification process, providing in-depth and easy-to-understand answers. We aim to make the certification journey as stress-free as possible, letting you know what to expect and giving clear timelines as to when decisions will be made.


    Bureau Veritas aims to be reliable by ensuring there are no surprises along the way. That means we will stick to our deadlines and work diligently to ensure there are no errors in important documents or any unnecessary paperwork. We want you to feel completely confident throughout the entire certification process.


    We don’t want certification to become a pain point within your organisation. That’s why we aim to foster a positive and effortless relationship, making the entire certification process as pain-free as possible; even when issues arise. We will take the time to really get to know your business and your organisation’s unique needs to ensure a smooth certification process that results in positive outcomes.


    We aim to be a trusted, loyal, and attentive partner throughout the certification process, guiding and supporting you at each stage. We understand that the process can be challenging, so we are at your side to ensure a successful and enriching certification journey.

The Four Essentials aim to define your experience with us and are designed to offer you the very best possible certification experience. At Bureau Veritas, our mission is to be clear and transparent, reliable, convenient, and your partner throughout your organisation’s entire certification journey.