Cyber Security


Tailored solutions for Industrial Control Systems

Operational technology (OT) refers to the hardware and software used to monitor and control physical processes, devices and infrastructure, such as industrial equipment, utilities and transportation systems.

These systems typically directly influence important business processes, and some are even part of critical infrastructure that is essential for public safety and national security. 

With an increasing reliance on OT across a wide range of industrial sectors, cybersecurity is more important than ever. With a team of experts operating globally, Bureau Veritas offers a range of OT cybersecurity services to help maintain the reliability, safety and continuous operation of operational technology.


Our services give you the insights, assessments, testing and training you need to minimise cybersecurity risks around your operational technology. Our services are completely impartial, combining global expertise with local support from renowned cybersecurity experts. 

  • Experienced cybersecurity experts 
  • Tailored solutions to meet your specific OT needs 
  • Flexible training
  • Comprehensive understanding of applicable global regulations, e.g. NIS2


  • Security governance

    Our team will review current OT Security Maturity and deliver support with setting up, reviewing or improving OT Security Management systems (CSMS), including policies and procedures. This supports our clients to prepare for NIS2 or other laws and regulations. Security governance also covers backup, recovery and incident response procedures, including bespoke tabletop exercises to train disaster recovery plans for the OT systems and crisis management.

  • OT Site Assessment

    An OT site Assessment is a crucial evaluation process performed to determine the security level of industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA systems, which are vulnerable to cyberattacks. We support clients to ensure they have adequate mitigation strategies against cyber threats. Aligned with international standards like IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82, and ALARP, it involves site visits, system architecture reviews, and expert consultations to identify and address security weaknesses. Our team also offers alternative methods for risk assessments including a more pragmatic qualitative approach, depending on individual circumstances.

  • Threat Modelling for Industrial Control Systems

    Our Threat Modelling service for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA offers a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks within your operational technology systems. By graphically mapping information flows and potential vulnerabilities, this service provides a comprehensive view of threat vectors and possible attack paths.

    These insights not only enhance security measures but also support the development of efficient testing scenarios, design adjustments, and additional mitigation strategies. Moreover, our workshops are designed to boost security awareness and foster collaboration among teams, equipping your organisation with the knowledge and tools needed to execute strategic security enhancements effectively.

  • Vulnerability Testing / Penetration Testing (VAPT) in Industrial Environments

    Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration service is designed to enhance the cyber resilience of your systems by uncovering vulnerabilities in your website, applications, or infrastructure. This comprehensive service involves an initial preparation phase to gather essential data and define testing scope, followed by thorough testing where our ethical hackers use advanced tools and techniques to detect security weaknesses. 

    We can undertake an OT Perimeter Assessment, checking all connection points around your OT network for vulnerabilities. Our team check your OT-network design, the flow of data traffic and vulnerabilities in the network, focusing on systems in the IT and OT networks that need to communicate with each other.

    All results are meticulously analysed to differentiate between false positives and actual vulnerabilities. The final detailed report provides a management summary, extensive risk analysis, and strategic recommendations for remediation. 

    Optional retesting and periodic follow-up scans ensure ongoing security assurance and improvement. This systematic approach helps protect your vital data and ensures compliance with data protection regulations, reinforcing your control over security measures.

  • OT Cyber FAT/SAT

    The OT Cyber FAT/SAT (Factory Acceptance Test/Site Acceptance Test) service is crucial for ensuring the cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from design to deployment. As cyber threats evolve, especially in operational technologies like ICS and SCADA, verifying the cybersecurity aspects during FAT and SAT becomes imperative. This service includes an in-depth assessment of cybersecurity measures against industry standards such as IEC 62443, coupled with rigorous vulnerability assessments and penetration testing tailored to OT environments. Our process integrates seamlessly into your project lifecycle, enhancing resilience through:

    • Design & Security Review: Ensuring that the design and security configurations align with project specifications and best practices.
    • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VA/PT): Conducted during FAT to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before on-site implementation, with an extended scope during SAT to cover all system interfaces.
    • Comprehensive Reporting: Findings are documented thoroughly, providing actionable insights and prioritisation for resolving issues, enhancing your OT system's security before it becomes operational.
  • Operational Technology Training

    A range of flexible training solutions to give your teams the insights they need to identify and manage OT cybersecurity risks. Our training covers all key aspects of relevant standards and practical case studies, helping to prepare you for complete compliance.


Comprehensive protection: Tailored solutions to safeguard critical systems, based on global best practices and in line with the latest standards. with state-of-the-art security measures tailored to your specific needs.

Cost efficiency: Minimise financial losses from data breaches and cyber attacks with proactive threat detection and quick response strategies.

Expert guidance: A global team of cybersecurity experts with experience of OT, providing flexible, ongoing support and advice to help boost your cyber resilience.

Enhanced reputation: Build trust with clients and stakeholders through demonstrated commitment to robust cybersecurity practices.

Scalable solutions: Adapt and scale cybersecurity measures as your organisation grows and evolves, ensuring long-term protection.


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