Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection

(PSI) Services

Improve business efficiency and eliminate risk with pre-shipment inspections

Pre-shipment inspection services for governments

This service carried out for governments combines confirmation of the buyer’s specifications and quantity and value controls of imports and exports. It is done in compliance with World Trade Organisation (WTO) requirements.

When carrying out a pre-shipment inspection of goods on behalf of customs authorities, Bureau Veritas helps international trade operators to comply with current legislation. This improves their business efficiency and eliminates risk wherever possible.

Pre-shipment inspection procedure

  • A physical inspection of goods is carried out in the country of export pre-shipping, establishing the exact nature of the goods.

  • The invoice and other documents are then examined an accurate valuation and customs tariff code, are assigned. These are used together with the client country's published duty rates, to calculate the correct and payable duties and taxes.

  • A Bureau Veritas pre-shipment inspection certificate is then issued to the importer.

  • The collected duty is compared with the Bureau Veritas pre-shipment inspection certificates, and any shortages can be investigated and corrected.


  • Cutting costs and reducing delays

  • Faster customs clearance and release through predictable official intervention

  • Simple commercial framework for doing both domestic and international trade

  • Enhanced competitiveness

Current PSI Government Contracts

  • Angola
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • DR Congo
  • Indonesia
  • Liberia
  • Mali

Bureau Veritas - Experts in pre-shipment inspections (PSI)

Bureau Veritas acts as a trade facilitation services provider on five continents and is one of the world's leading providers for pre-shipment inspection services.

Bureau Veritas is certified ISO 9001 and was the first inspection body in the world to have its network accredited ISO 17020 within the scope of its Pre-Shipment Inspection and Verification of Conformity activities. Efficiency guaranteed by worldwide presence offers you the convenience of international expertise combined with local service where you need it.

We have more than 190+ years of experience with pre-shipment inspections, inspections, certification and testing and can help you meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

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