ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Bureau Veritas provides ISO 50001 energy management systems certification, a process which supports you to improve your energy use and lower your cost.

ISO 50001

future-proof the organisation. Switching to lower carbon energy and reducing overall energy use can reduce operational costs and showcase environmental commitment, particularly in uncertain times when energy prices are volatile and climate change continues to pose a threat.

ISO 50001 is the global standard for energy management, providing a framework for businesses to monitor consumption and unlock the potential for significant savings. Faced with increasing consumer and legislative demand, implementing an ISO 50001 energy management system is the most effective way to achieve continual improvement in energy efficiency performance. 


WHAT IS ISO 50001?

As the international standard for energy management, certification to ISO 50001 allows an organisation to demonstrate its commitment to achieving sustainability objectives. By implementing ISO 50001 Energy Management System, the organisation can establish an energy policy with concrete objectives and processes to achieve them.

This standard is the result of collaborative thinking from energy management experts in more than 60 countries and is being adopted by organisations of any size both within the public and private sector. It has been estimated that ISO 50001 could influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use.


  • Demonstrate compliance with an internationally-recognised standard
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings by optimising and minimising energy consumption
  • Provide a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout your organisation
  • Monitor and reduce environmental impacts to meet government targets
  • Enhance your reputation by showcasing your commitment to energy management
  • Future-proof your business by identifying and planning for future energy consumption challenges
  • Can be integrated with other management systems such as environment and health and safety

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Implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System supports organisations to monitor, manage, predict and reduce energy use, enabling significant cost savings. As with all ISO certification, it also drives continuous improvement.

As technology advances, and targets for energy efficiency become increasingly ambitious, ISO 50001 supports a holistic approach to managing environmental impacts. It shares a common High-Level Structure with other ISO standards including the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard, to enable enhanced opportunities and visibility.


Bureau Veritas supports organisations to achieve and maintain the globally recognised standard.

  • Established and proven approach to certification, with full accreditation from relevant bodies including more than 40 national and international accreditation bodies across the world
  • Support from a global leader with more than 150,000 active ISO certificates and 7,400+ skilled auditors worldwide
  • Complete peace of mind from an impartial, independent third-party
  • Large range of customised certification and audit services covering quality, health, safety, sustainability and environmental
  • Unique partnership approach to drive efficiency and improve the effectiveness of our service
  • Wide range of training courses to help implement and maintain ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification
  • What are the key principles of ISO 50001?

    The main objective of ISO 50001 is to improve energy-related performance and energy efficiency continuously to identify energy reduction opportunities. Its framework is built on key principles including management responsibility, energy policy, energy planning, implementation and operation, checking and management review.

  • What is the difference between ISO 50001 and ISO 14001?

    Although both standards aim to tackle climate change and can support a company’s ESG strategy, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 are different. ISO 14001 seeks to reduce environmental impact by reducing waste, resources, and pollution. ISO 50001 aims to improve the way in which an organisation uses and conserves energy.

  • Is ISO 50001 compulsory?

    No, ISO 50001 is a voluntary standard that organisations can choose to implement, however some of your customers may require ISO 50001 certification as a condition of doing business with them.

  • Is ISO 50001 applicable for my organisation?

    ISO 50001 is applicable for organisations of any size, in any industry, that want to better understand their energy use and identify measures to reduce it. This can include (but is not limited to) those in industrial, manufacturing, construction and defence sectors.


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