Acoustics & Vibration

Acoustics & vibration

We recognise, evaluate and control the adverse impacts of noise and vibration on people, the environment, structures and machinery

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As the world becomes increasingly busy, mitigating the effects of noise and vibration on people and structures has become all the more important. Consideration of these issues must be given when introducing a new source of noise or vibration into an existing sensitive area or when creating a noise sensitive development into an already noisy location. Noise and vibration within the working environment can also affect the health of individuals or reduce productivity if noise is not appropriately assessed and treated.

Our Acoustics and Vibration Group offers technical expertise in a range of areas from planning and environmental assessment, occupational noise & vibration, building & architectural acoustics, and noise & vibration training. We work across a breadth of industries and sectors to help manage risks and find innovative solutions for their improvement.

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