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Acoustic design advice and measurement 

The acoustic performance of many buildings is critical to their overall success. Our Acoustics and Vibration team offer acoustic consultancy services to those involved in the design and management of buildings with the aim of achieving appropriate acoustic conditions both inside and outside the finished project.

Our Services

Our team work on a variety of building types including education, health, leisure, commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Our acoustic consultancy advice includes the following:

  • External noise ingress from environmental sources such as road/rail traffic or aircraft.
  • Sound insulation between internal areas through walls, floors, doors, etc.
  • Control of impact sound, e.g. footfall on floors
  • Internal acoustics and control of reverberation time• Rain noise assessment and mitigation• Vibration isolation
  • Plant noise assessment

As well as advice during design, we can also offer onsite inspection to assess issues such as workmanship or material selection, and testing on completion.  We are members of the Association of Noise Consultants and are registered to undertake sound insulation testing under their Pre Completion Testing Registration Scheme to assess compliance against Approved Document E to the Building Regulations.

We also provide advice on acoustic issues in existing buildings and offer guidance on remedial measures to enhance their performance.

Other related services offered by Acoustics and Vibration include provision of noise assessments for planning purposes, verification of the acoustic design/specification of voice evacuation alarm and public address systems and the specification of audio conference systems.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas?

The Acoustics & Vibration Group is a UK specialist team in Bureau Veritas and operates as part of a wider global team of acousticians.  Our team of experienced consultants are all members of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and offer specialist noise and vibration consultancy to a wide range of clients.  

We pride ourselves on our customer focus, and are able to bring experience from a wide range of sectors, to help our clients achieve compliance with legislation and best practice

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