Engineering Inspections

Statutory Engineering Inspections

Ensure the safety of your assets - mechanical, electrical and pressure - through regular engineering inspections

Ensuring compliance for your statutory and regulatory obligations

There are a number of statutory requirements and standards that organisations like yours must follow to ensure compliance of facilities, equipment, products and services.

From quality, and environmental, to social responsibility obligations – meeting internal and external standards does not just deliver compliance, it can demonstrate your responsibility as an organisation too. This can cover national legislation, applicable codes or regulations which condition your license to operate, sector specific requirements, national or international standards, voluntary standards, and your own internal processes.

We work within all of these to carry out engineering inspections of your facilities, equipment and products, as well as audits of your systems and processes. Whether internal, local or global, we work in partnership with clients to assess the required standards and measure against them as required. In many cases, inspections and audits will ultimately enable us to grant a certification to your organisation.

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