Diversity & Inclusion at Bureau Veritas

Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission and Purpose is to create an inclusive environment that enables our people to be themselves and ensure we attract and retain the best talent, reflecting society and our clients. 

At Bureau veritas, we commit to creating an inclusive environment that enables people to succeed. To do this, we strengthen our impact by working towards connecting everything we do to inclusion and wellbeing, focusing on supporting everyone to take responsibility to become inclusive by design.

From our recruitment programmes and development opportunities to dedicated inclusion programmes for employees across the organisation, our focus is on building a workforce which fully represents all cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints.

Our Inclusion Employee Networks play a significant role in strengthening what we do to create a better experience for everyone. We have three active inclusion networks: Gender, Cultural Diversity and LGBT+.

Gender Balance Diversity
Gender Balance

We know that to accelerate business growth, we need a skilled and inclusive team. This year we celebrated Women working in the STEM sector by showcasing a number of our top female leaders in Risk & Safety, Certification and Sustainability to inspire more women to consider a career in the STEM sector.

Culture, Inclusive, Diverse
Cultural diversity

The UK is a multi-cultural society, fortunate enough to be exposed to many cultures and traditions. We are proud to have such a diverse range of teams that encourage inclusivity.

To celebrate cultural diversity and celebrate our colleagues at Bureau Veritas who may come from different backgrounds and cultures. We invited our colleagues to take part in World Cultural Diversity in 2021 and 2022 to raise awareness, educate and celebrate all the different cultures across Bureau Veritas.

Diversity, Inclusion


PRIDE month is an opportunity to raise awareness about the progression, achievements and issues still affecting the LGBT+ community. At Bureau Veritas, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

In 2022 we hosted a round table discussion where some of our employees shared their personal stories and experiences to inspire our colleagues at Bureau Veritas to learn more about the experiences of our LGBT+ colleagues