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Fire Service

Training and Development

Independent hazardous materials training and development services for the Fire Service

Your challenge

Fire and rescue services and other responders are routinely called upon to take the lead in resolving a range of incidents involving hazardous materials. 

In addition to ‘conventional’ incidents involving hazardous materials, the fire and rescue services also have a direct responsibility to respond to the use of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear materials (CBRN).

The management and safe resolution of incidents involving hazardous materials often requires the application of specialist scientific knowledge. The key to successfully resolving incidents involving spillage of hazardous materials is developing the correct level of background knowledge required to be able to interpret chemical information accurately and resolve incidents safely and efficiently.

How we support you

Our experienced trainers draw upon the collective experience of the team to provide real-world examples which help to highlight how to approach incidents safely and ensure that they are resolved appropriately. 

The training provided consists of a mixture of classroom input, case studies highlighting real incidents and demonstrations and exercises to help build a level of underpinning knowledge appropriate to the audience.

Independent training and development services from Bureau Veritas include:

  • Emergency response training for the emergency services, on-site emergency teams and other relevant personnel.

  • Radiation protection supervisor (RPS) training package designed for first responders

  • Asbestos familiarisation and analysis training for the emergency services

  • Hazardous materials training for emergency responders including both foundation training packages and refresher training

  • Specialist training in the deployment of detection, identification and monitoring equipment

  • Analytical Skills development and Maintenance (ASDM) program. Exercise-based DIM training for the maintenance and development of skills (can be carried out either remotely or on-site)

  • Foundation training course for fire investigators

  • Design of both live and table-top exercises for emergency planning and response training

  • Design and development of bespoke training packages as required


  • Training packages designed and delivered by our professional team, with more than 40 years' experience in attending incidents involving hazardous materials

  • Experienced trainers and assessors who have been training fire officers to successfully deploy the full suite of DIM equipment since the equipment was first introduced supporting

  • Flexible learning delivery, combining background theory and practical exercises

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