Green Bonds Verification

Green Bonds Verification

A green bond is a debt security that is issued to raise capital specifically to fund projects that have positive environmental benefits. They may be issued by government agencies, corporates, banks or development agencies and may be used for a number of projects such as constructing ‘green’ buildings, providing consumer loans for low emissions vehicles, or retrofitting factories.

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“Having worked closely with Bureau Veritas over a number of years, we were impressed with their ‘virtual site visit’ solution, which meant we didn’t have to put our sustainability verification program on hold during these uncertain times. We’d like to thank Bureau Veritas for their expertise and great service in helping to achieve this.”


Green bonds allow issuers to reach different investors and promote their environmental credentials. However, investors and issuers can face being accused of ‘greenwashing’ if green bonds are not clearly defined and there can be questions about the ‘additionality’ of the environmental benefits being funded.

To provide clarity and transparency around the use of a bond’s proceeds, the Climate Bonds Initiative  (CBI), an international, investor-focused not-for-profit organisation, has developed certification criteria and an assurance standard.

Prospective issuers wishing to have their bonds certified must appoint an approved third-party verifier such as Bureau Veritas, who will review whether the bond meets the Climate Bonds Standard’s requirements and issue an assurance statement.


Bureau Veritas is a trusted, approved CBI third-party verifier, offering independent verification of green bonds to the Climate Bond Standard.

Our expert team offers technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of technologies typically adopted by climate bonds eligible projects, such as solar and wind.

We have worked alongside organisations since the CBI criteria was launched and verified the first certified climate bond in the UK, the Big60Million Ltd solar bond, as being compliant with the Climate Bonds Standard.


  • Allow investors to prioritise green bonds with confidence knowing that the funds are being used to deliver climate change solutions or other environmental benefits 
  • Provide transparency to investors and interested parties that the green bond criteria are being observed
  • Help issuers reach a more diverse investors base and avoid accusations of ‘greenwashing’
  • Access a complete range of sustainability services from Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification

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