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Identify and meet your global compliance requirements with leading intelligence tools

Understanding your compliance requirements in rapidly evolving markets is a complex and time-consuming task. Ever-changing regulatory landscapes can be difficult to navigate and it requires specialist intelligence tools to drive efficiencies.

That’s why Bureau Veritas has partnered with Enhesa, the leading provider of regulatory and sustainability intelligence, to provide an end-to-end global compliance offering.

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Our global regulatory compliance services

Bureau Veritas and Enhesa provide regulatory compliance services to global organisations of all sizes. Using our combined resources and expertise, we use Enhesa’s intelligence tools to map compliance requirements before helping clients to prepare, access, manage and improve their compliance and sustainability programmes.

Our services cover ESG, HSE and sustainability requirements as part of the Bureau Veritas Green Line of services and solutions, supporting businesses to implement, measure and achieve their sustainability objectives.

Bureau Veritas is also able to offer Enhesa’s portfolio of compliance content and tools as a certified distributor in selected regions, making the procurement process simple and affordable for clients.

In addition, Bureau Veritas can monitor and verify the compliance status of clients based on legal requirements identified through the Enhesa solution, including for particular areas or specific locations.

This will create the opportunity to collaborate with prospective clients on increasing compliance by supplying up to date, accessible information alongside practical inspections in line with industry requirements.

What are the benefits of global regulatory compliance services?

  • Keep one step ahead of fast-moving EHS&S compliance requirements
  • Maintain compliance with confidence at site, business, national and global level
  • Reduce the risks and potential penalties of non-compliance, including fines and reputational damage
Why choose Bureau Veritas and Enhesa for global regulatory compliance services?
  • Combined service from two global leaders
  • Extended scope across ESG, HSE and sustainability requirements 
  • Centralised approach, with single points of contact and a large network to support business needs
  • Improved procurement and economies of scale

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