Jun. 3 2020

Independent assurance of a safe way of working during Covid-19

At a time when many organisations are struggling to navigate the often conflicting advice available to them, Bureau Veritas offers the independent assurance of safety and compliance that your customers and colleagues need as you restart your business during Covid-19. This includes:

  • An independent assessment of your readiness to re-open business premises.
  • Issuing a Safeguard assurance certificate if full compliance status has been achieved.
  • Full traceability for your customers and staff via a public website, which offers real-time updates as new sites are granted assurance

How does it work?

Our unique solution, developed by technical specialists from across the Bureau Veritas business, is delivered through a comprehensive five-stage process:

1. Project kick-off and preparation

A kick-off working session with the client management team to cover key points including the client measures in place for a safe return to work, mapping the portfolio of sites and defining project scope.

2. System assessment

A review of management-level activities consisting of document review and interviews with management-level staff

3. Site assessment

Site assessments across a defined sample size using a site-specific assessment form, which will evaluate the application of protocols and measures reviewed during the System Assessment phase.

4. Reporting

Our assessor will determine a level of compliance for each individual point on the assurance checklist. This will include additional guidance or corrective actions which should be taken to meet either legal compliance or good practices.

5. Traceability

On completion, if requirements have been achieved, Bureau Veritas will issue a Safeguard by Bureau Veritas Assurance Certificate, providing independent assurance to employees, stakeholders and customers. We have also developed a public website that provides full traceability for customers and employees, which offers real-time updates as new sites are granted assurance. 


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