Maximise the value of your assets whilst complying with regulations


Stimulated by the growth of emerging markets and in light of major ecological and social issues, the chemicals industry is being forced to innovate. Producers are expected to embrace new technologies and increase compliance tests. Bureau Veritas helps chemical manufacturers to achieve this in accordance with regulations


As a chemical manufacturer, you must take into account growing demands to consider the environment and public health. This is especially true for speciality chemicals, whose production raises further issues such as reducing pollutant emissions and controlling dangerous reagents.


As global experts in QHSE (quality, hygiene, safety and environment), Bureau Veritas offers a range of testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services to help maximise the value of your assets whilst complying with regulations.

  • Support throughout your asset lifecycle; We assess the risks you face, right from the design phase of your assets and help ensure their integrity throughout their life by develop engineering, inspection and maintenance plans. We also guide you in the use of digital analysis, to help you reach new levels of productivity.

  • Maximise your OPEX investment; We help secure your operations and optimise OPEX through services such as pressure equipment inspection.

  • Testing & Analysis; Our global network of testing laboratories analyses the quality of your chemicals and the raw materials used in their manufacture in order to meet the requirements of your customers, as well as regulatory obligations. In particular, we help you establish the classification, labelling and packaging of your products, as well as the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

  • Assessment of suppliers performance; Poor standards from supply chain partners in relation to safety, ethics or sustainability performance can affect your own reputation. Bureau Veritas offers a solution with trusted second party audits to assess the performance of your suppliers and help protect brand reputation.  

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