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Providing the insight needed to improve supply chain resilience 

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 shined a spotlight on supply chain resilience, highlighting the need for organisations to ensure that their global supply chains can face disruptions.

There is now an urgent need for many companies to reassess their supply chain risk, using qualitative and quantitative data, to make sure that all elements are properly addressed, assessed and visible.

Bureau Veritas has developed a solution; Supply-R, which supports organisations in protecting business continuity.

A flexible, agile solution for supply chain resilience

Supply-R brings together a customised risk assessment of your supply chain, based on field data collected from independent on-site verification of critical suppliers. All information is collected and consolidated using a digital platform, enabling more informed decision-making.  

This flexible and agile solution is suitable for all business sectors, with customisable modules to ensure it meets your individual needs:

  • Business continuity
  • Supplier technical assessment
  • HSE vulnerability
  • Data integrity & information security
  • Security for supply chain
  • Logistic & inventory practices


  • Reduce the risk of business disruption, including operational downtime and delays in project completion
  • Improve visibility of supply chains for more informed decision making
  • Risk assessments based on field data collected from independent on-site verification of critical suppliers
  • Access information whenever, wherever – with defined user access
  • Modular approach to suit your individual requirements
  • Suitable for all business sectors

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