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Laurent Louail 2

Executive Vice President - CIF Europe

I want to welcome each of you as a new hire to our team and Bureau Veritas. I am proud to be part of the BV family, and to be the leader of our Operating Group.

Hello, I'm Laurent Louail, the Executive Vice President of CIF Division in Europe and I want to welcome each of you as a new hire to our team and Bureau Veritas. I am proud to be part of the BV family, and to be the leader of our Operating Group.

You are joining at an exciting time for our company.  We continue to build on our historical and emerging strengths, but also are enhancing our global, local and social impact, as we focus on our Mission of Shaping a World of Trust with our Clients and Communities within which we work.

We believe you play a vital role in achieving this Mission, and will help us become even more successful as a company.

I joined Bureau Veritas over 20 years ago, and have had the opportunity to work across many different areas and countries. You will have your own journey as part of the Bureau Veritas team, but my personal mission is that we have an environment where great people can develop, perform at their best and that we achieve together. 

I hope we get the opportunity to meet in person, and congratulations for being part of the Bureau Veritas team and we welcome you onboard!

Kathryn Dolan 2

Vice President of Human Resources - CIF Europe

Congratulations on the decision to join Bureau Veritas, we really look forward to welcoming you to the team!
I joined Bureau Veritas in 2017, and I know it was the right decision.

Congratulations on the decision to join Bureau Veritas and we really look forward to welcoming you to the team!  I am Kathryn DolanVice President of Human Resources of CIF Division in Europe.  

I joined Bureau Veritas in 2017, and I know it was the right decision. 

What is different from where I have worked for before is that there is a real sense of belonging, openness and that there is opportunity to make a difference not just in your own role, but to the wider team and to society as whole.   This sense of purpose and personal impact is hugely rewarding. We are a company on a mission and we welcome our new hires who are part of our evolving journey and progress.

Some of you will be joining us as your first job, and some of you will have been in the industry for many years, but I continue to be humbled by the amazing contributions, progress and achievements of our talented employees.   Our people are the very core of what we do, and who we are, and I am delighted that you will be joining us. Welcome!

Our Operating Group – Commodities, Industry & Facilities (CIF) South & West Europe

Our Operating Group covers 26 countries across Europe for the Commodities, Industry and Facilities business line.  You can find out more information about our portfolio, services and clients on our main website.  Our revenues are over €600m, and we represent 18% of the overall BV Group revenue.  

You are joining a team of over 6000 people who are Shaping a World of Trust, and are focused on delivering for our Clients and Society every day.

Working in our Operating Group

Our Company has a long history and a strong future.  Our strength and capability is only through our people; their knowledge, expertise, motivation and behaviours.  

Bureau Veritas is a Company where you can have an impact and Leave Your Mark.

Within our Operating Group, we are building a powerful international network of skills, expertise and collaboration.  We encourage opportunities to learn, grow and share knowledge, to be challenged and also for you to challenge how we work today and how we can be better for ourselves, our clients and the communities within which we work.  

We are evolving our organisation and you are part of our story.

Our Operating Group Structure

Our Operating Group is split into a number of Regions and districts.  You will be part of your own Country, Region and Operating Group Teams.    The uniqueness of BV is how we offer real independence and entrepreneurialism locally, combined with global strength and scale. These regions are:

  • Belgium & Netherlands
  • North East Europe - Austria, Germany, Switzerland
  • South East Europe - Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
  • South West Europe - Portugal and Spain
  • United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Nordics - Denmark, Finland & Sweden
  • Commodities, North Europe - Belgium, Germany, Netherlands & UK

The Leadership Team

South & West Operating Group Leadership

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