Safety Report Management and Review

Safety Report Management and Review

Safety reports for industrial installations

Your challenge

As an operator of installations, you must ensure that your facilities are safe and do not expose your people or business to unacceptable levels of risk. The risk profile can change over time due to factors such as plant modifications, the impact of age on operating conditions and new ownership. Regulators and other stakeholders ask operators to justify the continuing operation of an installation through safety reports.

How we support you

We support clients to undertake the safety report approach, which started in the UK but is now recognised by regulators in other countries and has led to the introduction of safety report systems worldwide. Several large international oil and gas operators have independently recognised the benefits of the approach and voluntarily introduced safety report systems to their global operations.

The development and update of safety report documents is a task which takes input from a range of discipline engineers and technologists working for the operator as staff or consultants, etc.

A life cycle approach is required to cover design notification, operations, re-vamp, and eventual abandonment.

A safety report is assessed under three principal adequacy criteria:

  • Major hazards identification, risk assessment, and control

  • Management systems to ensure compliance with statutory health and safety requirements

  • Arrangements for auditing and reporting

During our review, our expert team will examine the basic assumptions made in the safety case as well as its content. Bureau Veritas will also take account of all relevant changes and new knowledge since acceptance or the last review, to ensure that the safety case remains valid.


  • Ensure safer operation to protect life and assets

  • Ensure integrity of design against major accident hazards

  • Demonstrate compliance with safety regulations and risk evaluation criteria

  • Identify major hazards to prevent major accidents

  • Support from a qualified team with vast experience in the preparation of safety reports

  • Partnership approach, guiding you through every step of preparation of a safety report for submission to regulatory bodies

  • Unrivalled combination of technical expertise and knowledge of local legislative requirements

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