The Government has announced a series of changes to Building Regulations, collectively aimed at improving the efficiency of our buildings and the quality of air.

These include stepping stones to the new Future Homes Standard (Part L and Part F), a new Approved Document Part O on overheating and a new Part S to reflect the increase in electric vehicle charging facilities.

Andy Lowe, Director, Burau Veritas Building Control, said: “As experts in Building Control, we are already working with architects, building designers and project teams to help understand and implement the changes. We combine technical expertise and market-leading systems with unrivalled industry experience to provide trusted third-party services that help ensure a consistent approach to the implementation of Building Regulations.

“These webinars are a fantastic opportunity for architects, designers, and developers to get a better understanding of the imminent changes from our specialist team and we encourage anybody who might be interested to sign up today.”

The transitional arrangements are as follows: The new requirements do not apply for applications that are formally lodged before 15 June 22  and that commence before 15 June 23

If you do not lodge the application (by  15 June 22 ) or commence work on-site pre 15 June 23 then you need to adopt these new requirements. Commencement on site would be construction of a foundation or building drainage but not demolition.

Registering the project is relatively straightforward in that the Section 47 Notice (IN ) has to be signed and accompanied by a location plan /drainage plan and forwarded to the Local Authority that hold the Register of formal applications. Once your application has been lodged then you just  need to make a formal commencement on site and ensure we inspect and record the formal commencement.

Apr. 12 2022