Distribution Centre Compliance



Sep. 10 2021

The warehousing and distribution sector is now one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, buoyed by the accelerated shift towards e-commerce since the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020.

As key players in the growing distribution center continue to tackle compliance challenges across their facilities, Bureau Veritas has pulled together the experience and expertise of our specialist team to host a unique virtual roundtable event. And we’re inviting you to join online.

Supporting the warehousing and distribution sector

Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services to help achieve and maintain compliance across vast distribution centers, including those listed here.

Now we’re pulling together the collective expertise of specialists in health and safety, fire safety, statutory inspections and occupational hygiene as they discuss some of the requirements of distribution centers that are not always considered.

Join our team online as they draw on feedback from high-profile clients in the warehousing and distribution sector to highlight the issues and the solutions that matter to you.

Vicky Shah, Market Lead for Retail at Bureau Veritas said: “This is a rare opportunity for those in the warehousing and distribution sector to listen to experts from across our business discuss some of the issues faced by key players in the industry.

“We’ll be highlighting challenges and solutions which are commonly faced by operators, but which might not always be front of mind when planning a compliance strategy for these vast facilities with unique operating conditions. We’ll be touching on topics including what a robust fire strategy should look like, what relevant legislation is applicable to distribution center environments and managing a complex environment to ensure the safety of employees and visitors as well as a number of other issues our clients look to us for support on. Don’t miss out – register your place today.”

Our event is free to join but registration is required in advance.