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JOIN OUR WEBINAR: Joining Forces for Business - The Armed Forces Covenant

Oct. 13 2023

We’re bringing together experts from across the industry for a free webinar to showcase the benefits of the Armed Forces Covenant and opportunities for ex-Armed Forces personnel. And we’re inviting you to join us.

If you could benefit from the unique skills and experience of Armed Forces leavers, sign up today and join our webinar on 10th November (10am – 11am). Key topics will include:

  • The benefits of signing the Armed Forces Covenant
  • Understanding the practical implications of being part of the Armed Forces Covenant
  • Experience from employers that have already signed the Armed Forces Covenant
  • Practical assistance for recruiting and retaining ex-Armed Forces personnel, including blind veterans

The webinar will be hosted by Steve Highwood, Director Building & Infrastructure at Bureau Veritas and Ken Smith, UK CEO for Bureau Veritas, talking about our own experiences since signing the Armed Forces Covenant in 2015 and setting up a structured recruitment programme for those leaving the Armed Forces.

They will be joined by Seumas Kerr CBE, Strategic Adviser, ISG and Managing Director, The D Group; Maria Kaya, National Account Manager, Defence Relationship Management; and Alan Lock from Blind Veterans UK.

Piers Edwards Head of Defence, Bureau Veritas said: “This will be an incredibly useful webinar for any organisation looking to recruit ex-Armed Forces personnel, who (as we know from experience) can offer unique skills, experience and other attributes."


Head of Defense

Bureau Veritas

We’re proud of the work we’ve done in recent years to support the transition into civilian life and we want to help other employers to offer the same opportunities. This webinar will give the insight needed to start a journey towards signing the Armed Forces Covenant, as well as demonstrating the benefits of the Gold award to those who already have a Silver or Bronze award in the Armed Forces Covenant Employee Recognition Scheme.