Covid-19 Emergency Preparedness Pack


COVID-19: Download Our Emergency Preparedness Pack

Mar. 25 2020

The global coronavirus crisis continues to place unprecedented pressure on businesses of all sizes, with guidelines changing daily as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread.

Our focus is on ensuring safety first and foremost, but we are committed to working in partnership with clients to maintain our service standards and ensure our clients maintain health, safety, environmental and quality compliance as much as possible within the necessary restrictions. 

As part of this support, and in line with our partnership approach to effective risk management, Bureau Veritas UK has prepared a COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Pack.

Ken Smith, UK Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas UK, said: “This pack is available to download for free, whether you are an existing Bureau Veritas client or not. We are in unprecedented times and we firmly believe that now - more than ever - it is vital for businesses to have the information they need to operate safely and effectively, whilst remaining compliant.

“Our pack will guide you through a process to help mitigate risk and maintain compliance across your organisation, whilst also addressing key issues such as electrical safety, asbestos, indoor air and water quality, and fire safety.