Airport Carbon Scheme


Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme: Managing the Carbon Footprint of Airports

Nov. 6 2019

With increased global focus on carbon emissions, there is no denying the environment impact of air travel. According to the Department for Transport, one return flight from London to New York produces 1.2t of CO2 per passenger - the same as our individual target allowance for a whole year. 

The air transport industry is taking positive steps to reduce its carbon footprint, however, and another step forward came when the Airports Council International (ACI) Europe confirmed its commitment to carbon neutral growth in June 2019.

ACI’s NetZero2050 commitment is to have all 500 members reach net zero by 2050 for the carbon emissions under their control. By September 2019, 203 airports run by more than 47 airport operators across 42 European countries had signed up to the pledge. 

Independent verification 

Achieving net-zero inevitably requires positive change, but it also requires regular monitoring and independent verification to confirm environmental performance. That is why the recent pledge is strongly linked with another ACI scheme, the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) reporting scheme, which was launched in 2009. 

To achieve accreditation under the ACA scheme, participating airports must have their carbon footprint independently verified and submitted to the programme administrator. The programme considers four different levels of certification: 

  • Mapping – footprint measurement
  • Reduction – carbon management towards a reduced carbon footprint
  • Optimisation – third party engagement in carbon footprint reduction 
  • Neutrality - neutralising remaining direct carbon emissions by offsetting

With a global network of registered verifiers including in our UK Sustainability team, Bureau Veritas offers a wealth of airport carbon reporting and verification experience. 

Our portfolio of ACA verification services includes Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Manchester airports, amongst others..  

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