Electric Vehicle Charging

Electrical Vehicle Charging


We support the development of EVCS infrastructure with an end-to-end solution from site assessment, through to construction and operation. Our operational site inspection, condition assessment and asset management solutions for operating infrastructure ensure regulatory compliance, availability, security and safety, as well as performance.

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Owner’s Engineering

Our owner’s engineering services ensure you’re supported throughout site selection, design, development, procurement and construction of your EVCS project. You can trust that your new asset is built to required standards and to industry best-practice standards.

Technical advisory

EVCS experts in our global network of Technical Centres help you navigate the complexity of technical, permitting and regulatory requirements at every step. These experts provide the most comprehensive services for your local projects wherever they are relevant to the supply chain and life cycle of your asset.


ChargeScan by Bureau Veritas - an end-to-end solution comprising services through all stages of the asset lifecycle. Using verified data by Bureau Veritas inspectors on the ground, asset owners can take immediate action to ensure the reliability of their EVCS network. Our services cover design, construction, commissioning, and operation – providing access to verified data that can be embedded into the client’s existing digital platform, or on a customised digital hub developed by Bureau Veritas.

  • Project management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security and safety
  • Availability
  • Performance
Testing and Inspection 

Offering a dedicated team of electrical experts, Bureau Veritas supports clients with trusted inspection and testing programmes of EV charging points to help ensure safety and compliance

  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security & Safety
  • Availability
  • Performance

Energy storage systems and renewable energy technology such as solar completes the EV revolution vision. Here at Bureau Veritas our global experts are shaping development in this area. The use of battery storage paves the way for operators of EVCS to become ‘prosumers’ (both producers and consumers of energy) through the installation of solar technology, which could generate, store and utilise solar energy for EV charging, creating a more sustainable future. This is an area where renewable energy including onshore wind and solar can be harnessed with battery storage to create smart grids in the future as we head towards a zero emission future.