CEPA Pest Management Certification

BS EN 16636:2015  European Pest Management Certification

Demonstrate your quality in the pest control industry

Your Challenge

The first European Pest Management Standard, BS EN 16636:2015 - Pest management services requirements and competences, and the accompanying certification scheme, CEPA Certified®, sets the benchmark for professional pest management.

Promoted by CEPA (Confederation of European Pest Management Associations) and supported by supply-chain end users, this business standard is improving the quality of pest management services throughout Europe.

With an aim to protect public health, assets and the environment, this European benchmark specifies the requirements for pest management services and levels of competences to be met by professional providers.

It applies to pest management companies who are involved in the assessment, recommendation and execution of control and prevention procedures in respect of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It does not apply to companies delivering services in the area of field crop protection and routine cleaning and disinfection associated with regular contract cleaning services.

How Bureau Veritas supports you

For the first time, CEPA Certified® serves as a benchmark for the industry through which certified companies can demonstrate the ‘best practice’ and professionalism of their service. It enables smaller pest management companies to prove their quality up against industry leaders and makes it easier for consumers and businesses to choose a reputable supplier they can trust.

For most companies, certification involves a one-day audit and a field visit to observe applied practice by an approved certification body such as Bureau Veritas. Certification lasts for three years and includes a second surveillance audit, usually lasting half a day, half way through the certification period. The assessment covers everything from competence of staff and service, to client communication and record keeping for all pest management operations.

CEPA has developed an easy-to-use, optional self-evaluation test to help you prepare ahead of the certification process. We can undertake an assessment to evaluate whether or not you meet the requirements once this test is complete.

Benefits of BS EN 16636:2015 certification:

  • Follow a tried and tested framework to demonstrate quality against leading competitors
  • Independent support from a global leader in testing, inspection and compliance
  • Bureau Veritas has worked closely with CEPA and other associations to help shape the standard
  • We were the first certification body in the UK to issue CEPA certifications and we continue to take the lead in Europe (CEPA approved in 18 EU member states)