Vegetable Oils and Biofuel Feedstocks

Vegetable Oils and Biofuel Feedstocks

Bureau Veritas provides independent testing and inspection services throughout the Biofuels supply chain, from feedstocks such as Vegetable Oils, Animal Fats, and Used Cooking Oils (UCO) to end products. Our dedicated team of professionals are trained and fully equipped to perform inspections and analyses that meet international standards.

With a highly-trained team of inspectors, chemists, and analysts, working round-the-clock in laboratories located in North West Europe’s major ports, we can ensure high delivery standards and short turnaround times.

All our labs are ISO certified and hold numerous international and local accreditations such as FOSFA, NOFOTA, and EPCA. We are committed to act in compliance with industry requirements and serving our clients and society with sustainability as a priority.

Inspection and Testing by Product

  • Vegetable Oils

  • Animal Fats

  • Used Cooking Oils (UCO)

  • Fatty Acid

  • Acid Oil

  • Waste Bio Material: POME

  • Residue: PFAD, SBEO

Services for Vegetable Oils and Biofuel Feedstocks

  • Loading, discharge and transhipment surveys from production through to distribution and consumption

  • Vessel and shore tank cleanliness surveys (pre-shipment and pre-loading)

  • Sampling

  • Ship and shore tank measurement

  • Quantity assessment

  • Contamination and damage surveys

  • Packaged goods inspections

  • Flexi bag / ISO container Surveys etc

  • Stock monitoring services

  • Sustainability supply chain verification services

  • Traceability

In addition to these services, we provide customised solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

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