Food guide



Sep. 9 2021

Natasha’s Law represents one of the biggest ever changes to food safety and labelling regulations, bringing in a potentially life-saving requirement for allergens to be highlighted on food which is prepacked direct sale.

Now, as we approach October 1st when the new regulations come into force, we’ve launched a new guide to set out the new legislation and inform you of your obligations.

Our downloadable guide includes the information you need to work towards complying with Natasha’s Law, including details about the regulations, the 14 allergens, how to identify food which is prepacked for direct sale, and technical information on new labelling requirements. It has been prepared by experts from the Bureau Veritas food team

George Macfie, food technical manager for Bureau Veritas, said: “The period since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been a challenging time for everybody in the food industry, with increased hygiene requirements and other measures to help reduce the risk of transmission. However, despite the additional pressures placed on businesses, non-compliance of allergen management is simply not an option for caterers and operators.

“Chartered Environmental Health Practitioners from our dedicated food team have been working with clients since the legislation was first confirmed, as part of our comprehensive food safety and compliance offering.

“Now we’ve added to our support services with this new, free guide – available to download from our website – together with a business check list and daily spot checks to support clients in achieving compliance with Natasha’s Law.”