Reducing the risk of contamination in your workplace

Workplaces remain at risk from an outbreak of infectious disease. Drawing on experiences from COVID-19, Bureau Veritas has developed Biosafety Certification - taking a management systems approach to implement sanitary measures that reduce the risk of contamination and ensure a safe working environment for employees, customers and visitors.

Promoting a safer workplace

The standard for Biosafety Certification has been developed by experts in health and safety certification from the Bureau Veritas team, applying the latest guidance in infectious disease risk management strategies.

The management system establishes a company-wide policy for monitoring employee health and implementing workplace sanitary protocols to minimise the risk of contamination following an infectious disease outbreak. This includes:

  • An action plan, based on a risk assessment, to address issues such as compliance obligations, absenteeism, employee cross-training, and activity interruptions
  • Regular internal audits and inspections of the management system to ensure compliance and continuous improvement  


Identifying and maintaining the correct resources and competencies is key to reducing the risk of an outbreak, including face masks, disinfectants and no-touch rubbish bins, as well as employee competency standards and communication of responsibilities.

If an outbreak occurs, the management system supports effective control of workplace hazards to minimise infections. It covers engineering and administrative controls, which could include physical barriers and alternative working hours to enable social distancing, safe working practices to reduce the duration and frequency of exposure, as well as PPE for added protection.

Key Benefits include:

  • Prevent interruption to service

    with infectious disease risk management protocols

  • Be better prepared

    for future outbreaks of infectious disease

  • Demonstrate your commitment

    to health and safety for all stakeholders

  • Minimise the risk of infection

    from exposure in the workplace


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