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Aug. 23 2022 - 2 min

A career story together with Michael Kenyon - Electrical Business Unit Director - United Kingdom

Mike Kenyon, Careers, Working at Bureau Veritas

Electrical Business Unit Director

Bureau Veritas UK

What I love about working at Bureau Veritas UK is the people I work with being a daily inspiration to support the building of the electrical division. Bureau Veritas has also invested in my personal development and career progression since starting 5 years ago through accredited training courses and internal development programmes.
Why did you choose to join Bureau Veritas UK?

“My brother already worked at Bureau Veritas and I wanted to move to a well-established company with strong industry relationships.”

You were promoted recently - how has Bureau Veritas enabled your career progression?

“I have now had 4 different roles within my 5 years at Bureau Veritas, each role has given me more experience and greater responsibility within the business. Bureau Veritas has supported me, especially through formal external and internal training, workshops and a personal mentor.”

Can you tell us about the Emerging Leaders Program at Bureau Veritas?

“Through the program, I have learned a lot of new skills including agile working principles, effective communication, and presentation. The programme also gave me a great opportunity to network across the wider business, which was important to me as i managed to connect with great people from a varied arrange of teams and departments that I might not have been able to do without the programme.”


The Bureau Veritas Emerging Leaders Programme has been designed as a stretch development program for individuals identified as the employees who aim to take on bigger, broader and more senior roles at Bureau Veritas.

Each year up to 20 talented individuals take part in this 12-month programme designed to help our emerging leaders learn the essential skills, gain knowledge as well as the confidence to go on and make a greater impact on our business.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“The opportunity to make a difference, the work we do makes the world a safer place for everyone and my positions have enabled me to help and influence engineers' personal and professional career development too.” 

What is the key highlight of your time at Bureau Veritas?

“My time at Bureau Veritas has given me the opportunity to represent our company on technical committees, such as the 'Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed)'.

I now chair SAFed Technical Committee 3 (Electrotechnical) and represent SAFed at the Technical committee that develops the IET Wiring Regulations (JPEL 64 – joint IET BSI committee) which is a great honour to do.”

What do you do outside of work to have fun?

“I love to spend time with my family and take every opportunity to go on days out with my Wife, Son and Cocker Spaniel.”

Mike Kenyon