Associated British Ports



Nov. 13 2023

Bureau Veritas is playing its part in ensuring the safety of British ports under an agreement with Associated British Ports (ABP) to complete inspections on its quayside cranes across 21 ports.

The initial three-year contract includes detailed inspections and condition reports of 109 cargo handling cranes across the four regions of Humber, Southampton, Wales, and Short Sea Ports within the ABP network.

Our programme goes beyond statutory requirements to deliver detailed inspections which are not mandatory, but often overlooked in the industry. It has been developed by experts from the Bureau Veritas mechanical team in line with BS7121 series, as part of ABP’s strategic safety focus to help keep assets safe and in operation.


Chief Mechanical Engineer | UK & Ireland

Bureau Veritas

ABP is going above and beyond its statutory obligations with detailed inspections to assess the condition of its cargo cranes and make sure they’re in optimal condition.

Our condition reports can help identify any potential issues within the expected lifecycle of these cranes, which links into ABP’s 5 year crane strategy ensuring these vital assets are available to do the work required and the continuation of essential port operations.

Aside from the obvious safety risks if the structural integrity of a crane is breached, ABP’s ports need these assets in operation to meet the efficiency demands of global supply chain networks. Our inspectors will highlight any concerns and make recommendations if action needs to be taken.

Group Head of Technical Assurance

Associated British Ports

Safety is a key strand our corporate strategy, underpinned by our Beyond Zero initiative - an ongoing journey to create a positive and proactive safety, health and well-being culture across ABP.

It was always evident that we would go beyond the statutory requirements when inspecting the condition and safety of our key assets, and we were impressed by the expertise, experience and nationwide network of specialist inspectors that Bureau Veritas could offer.

The inspection programme has already started, with timely reports delivered from comprehensive condition assessments, and we’re looking forward to working closely with the project team to continue the good start that’s been made, across the rest of our portfolio of 21 ports.

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