Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Optimise your waste strategy with circular economy principles

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Your circular economy challenge

With dwindling global resources and a greater focus on waste management, the notion of a circular economy has gained traction in recent years and many organisations are signing up to national and global initiatives. However, this is more than just a trend – it offers a fantastic opportunity to drive improvement and demonstrate sustainability.

Transitioning to the circular economy requires a systemic shift in the way new products are designed, how their input materials are sourced, how they are manufactured and how sub-products are reused and wastes are recycled. To do this, you must understand and control all materials and processes used in production, and you must define, implement and verify all processes.

How we support you

Through many years of certification experience across all sectors, Bureau Veritas developed Circular+, a suite of sustainability auditing and certification services which helps companies to develop a customisable approach to waste management in order to achieve a successful transition.

Developing an effective management system, backed up with auditing and certification, enables you to demonstrate the implementation of a circular economy business model. We work in partnership with clients to help achieve British Standard BS 8001:2017 Framework for Implementing Circular Economy Principles in Organisations, the first standard on turning circular economy concepts into practical action.

Our circular economy services include:

  • BS 8001:2017 gap analysis, support and assessment

  • Zero waste to landfill audit

  • Waste management strategy development

  • Verification of bespoke recycling/reuse initiatives


  • Drive efficiencies in cost, resource and productivity

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices

  • Develop a bespoke approach specifically tailored to your organisation

  • Gain support from an experienced team of qualified sustainability experts

  • Access a complete range of sustainability services from Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification

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