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We support the development of bespoke energy and carbon management strategies

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The focus on health and safety in the workplace and sustainability has made more organisations aware of reducing their carbon emissions. We as an organisation are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and carbon emission act as an important indicator in this regard.

Benefits of carbon reduction services

  • Confidence in ongoing regulatory compliance

  • Efficiencies through consumption, emissions and cost reductions

  • Innovation through organisational, product and service footprinting

  • Reliable baseline for strategic decision making

  • Identification and implementation of longer-term climate change mitigation strategy

  • Accuracy of carbon data for internal and external communication

  • Improved credibility through reliable carbon reporting and disclosure

  • Participation in carbon-related investment and other indices

  • Improved accountability and reputation as a carbon conscious organisation

Experts in carbon services and carbon reduction

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in the provision of carbon and energy consultancy, verification and certification services. Our team of international experts support the development of bespoke energy and carbon management strategies to set objectives, targets and management plans. 

We help with effective implementation and external audit services that integrate plans into existing management structures, that prioritise actions to reduce impacts and costs and that demonstrate conformance and performance improvement to investors and other external stakeholders.

In addition to carbon services, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) and we have more than 190+ years of experience meaning that we also can assist you in other areas of your business if needed.

Airport Carbon Accreditation

To achieve accreditation under the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) reporting scheme, airports must have their carbon footprint independently verified by a third party such as Bureau Veritas and submitted to the programme administrator.

It is part of the air transport industry’s bid to reduce carbon emissions, with a pledge that all 500 members of Airports Council International (ACI) Europe will reach net zero by 2050 for the carbon emissions under their control.

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