Biosafety certification: reducing the risk of infection in the workplace

Apr. 9 2021

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of biosafety control measures to ensure safe working environments. Now, as more employees prepare to return to the workplace in the coming weeks, Bureau Veritas has launched a new certification service to support employers in reducing the risk of infection.

From Ebola and Zika to H1N1 and COVID-19, there have been a number of infectious disease outbreaks in recent years. The World Health Organisation notes a number of contributing factors to this apparent increase, including a globalised economy, better-connected societies, unprecedented population growth and changing behaviours. The world needs to increasingly prepare for when – not if – the next outbreak occurs.

Ensuring a safe working environment

With this in mind, employers must tackle the increased risk and take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of exposure. Any outbreak in the workplace will not only impact business continuity, but also reputation and employee wellbeing.

To help support employers in reducing that risk, Bureau Veritas has developed new Biosafety Certification - taking a management systems approach to implement sanitary measures that reduce the risk of contamination and improve safety for employees, customers and visitors.

Developed by experts in health and safety certification from the Bureau Veritas team, it applies the latest guidance in infectious disease risk management strategies to help establish a company-wide policy for monitoring employee health and implementing workplace sanitary protocols.

Certification assures that an organisation has identified and developed the most effective resources, employee competencies and protection measures required to ensure compliance and minimise the risk of infection. This covers everything from reducing exposure to hazards, to safe working practices and PPE.

Providing confidence to stakeholders

Karolina Lachi Kolarova, Divisional Director for Certification for Bureau Veritas said: “COVID-19 has shown the importance of infection control and organisations are facing a new reality as we prepare for more infectious diseases in the future. This framework builds on our Restart Your Business solution and will help employers to better manage the risk of infection in the workplace by putting in place a management system that focuses specifically on biosafety.

“It encompasses pre-defined protocols that can substantially mitigate risk, as well as measures to support employee awareness, behaviour and communication channels to maximise the effectiveness of those protocols. It is also designed to align with global ISO management systems for health and safety, quality and environmental.

“Achieving certification can provide confidence to businesses and their stakeholders, demonstrating a commitment to health and safety whilst reducing the risk to the business and to employees.”

To find out more about Biosafety certification get in touch with the team here or call 0345 600 1828.