Electrical Circuits


Working in partnership to enhance client service

Jul. 22 2020

The restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic in recent months have presented challenges in delivering our services without disruption, with teams sometimes unable to reach sites which have been closed or operating with reduced staff unless it is for essential works. However, Bureau Veritas continues to develop unique solutions to maintain our service standards even during these most difficult of times.

Whilst our Certification team have accelerated the rollout of remote audits to maintain management standards certification during the COVID-19 outbreak, our electrical inspection team is also using innovation to meet client expectations.

Working closely in partnership with clients who are working on-site, they are undertaking remote surveys which allow us to develop an accurate scope of works remotely without any delays. This ensures we can reach the initial inspection stages quicker, which is classed as a key worker service, thereby reducing the number of site visits needed.

Ian Smith-Robbie, Business Development Manager at Bureau Veritas, said: “In normal circumstances, clients would expect a member of our survey team like myself, to visit the premises and undertake an initial survey which would typically include a walk around to identify the specific site requirements including a count of the electrical circuits and distribution boards. This is then used to develop a scope of works before we plan an effective programme of inspections to help achieve and maintain compliance in line with all relevant regulations.

“We found that there was a risk of delay if we were unable to make this initial visit due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we’ve been working closely with clients to offer this service remotely and avoid any unnecessary delays before the inspection teams then go on site to undertake the essential work.

“We’ve already been working with a number of clients to offer this service, including a major local authority in the UK which is now able to move forward with its electrical inspection programme.

“It’s yet another example of Bureau Veritas making small adjustments to add significant value, exceeding our clients’ expectations in line with our values.”