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Why Covid Restrictions Could Be Leaving Industrial Equipment Purchasers at Risk

Feb. 11 2021

Quality Surveillance Activities remain an essential part of the procurement process when purchasing industrial equipment or assets, helping to protect the buyer’s investment, providing reassurance that the equipment is safe, compliant and fit for purpose.

However, with global travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern that many in-house Quality Control activities are being delayed or postponed.

Bureau Veritas offers a global solution, wherever your equipment is being manufactured, thanks to our worldwide network of inspection engineers qualified to meet industry standards.

The value of shop inspections

Quality Control activities are undertaken at the manufacturing site on materials (such as forgings, castings, plate and pipes), machinery, static pressure equipment including pressure vessels, vales and pipework, as well as electrical equipment and instrumentation. They can include Dimensional/Visual inspection, review of material certificates, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) witnessing, manufacturing quality supervision, expediting, depending on requirements.

Many organisations will turn to specialist second party providers such as Bureau Veritas, with the resources, expertise and accreditations required to undertake Quality Control inspections on industrial equipment.

However, larger industrial players will inevitably undertake their own inspections through in-house procurement and quality teams – and it is these in-house inspections which are being increasingly cut back or delayed due to COVID-19 challenges, leaving purchasers potentially exposed.

A global solution

Pierre Blot, manager for Industry Procurement & Sourcing Services Europe at Bureau Veritas, said: “Quality surveillance services including shop inspections are a must for the industrial supply chain, but under the current climate we know companies are delaying and/or waiving activities. Many will need a quick and scalable solution to help with their backlog which goes beyond their in-house capabilities, even without travel restrictions.  

“We support the industrial market by offering services at the manufacturer site which help to meet project conformity, including Vendor Inspections but also expediting services and supply chain resilience assessments.

“And with a global team of qualified engineers operating in key manufacturing locations worldwide, we continue to provide a consistent service to help our industrial clients maintain compliance and reduce risk throughout and after the pandemic.”

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