Innovation 2


Using technology to drive continuous improvement

Dec. 17 2019

Remote inspection and supervision services from Bureau Veritas keeps going from strength to strength, as we continue to develop our services in order to meet the evolving needs of our clients. 

It is now more than 2 years since we first took steps to drive the safety and efficiency of inspections through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones. Now blended drone inspections are just one of a number of services using the latest technological innovations which are helping to drive benefits for our clients. 

Showcasing our expertise 

Just this month, Bureau Veritas experts met with insurance provider Aviva at our Training Academy in Peterborough to showcase our current innovations and how they can be used to support Aviva and their clients. 

This includes remote inspection and supervision using RealWear smartglasses to enable remote monitoring of tasks completed on-site by field staff, as well as using Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality smartglasses to bring hard-to-access assets into the training room, providing the opportunity to examine defects that might otherwise not be seen by engineers.

By blending drone technology from Puffin Technology with Bureau Veritas’ inspection expertise we also offer an enhanced internal and external inspection service that reduces disruption on site and improves safety for inspection engineers, even in the most challenging of environments. 

The team from Aviva was also shown our new 3D modeling programme, along with the latest market-leading drone technology.

The event gave an opportunity not only to see the advances Bureau Veritas is making in these areas but also to discuss how we can work collaboratively to enhance the work we do for Aviva and its clients. 

Tangible benefits for clients

Lorna Thorougood, Support Manager for Bureau Veritas, said: “We continue to introduce new technologies and new services to enhance the breadth of our innovation services and we’re delighted with the results that we’ve been able to deliver so far. 

“Using RealWear smartglasses, for example, we have performed a number of remote supervision field audits on engineer surveyors in 2019, which have saved travel time, driven CO2 savings and ultimately reduced costs for clients through reduced travel, expenses and manhours. 

“We will continue to invest in new technologies and to work with strategic partners to deliver more effective, more innovative inspections such as the drone survey we recently carried out on a crane rail in a huge atrium of a commercial property in Manchester.

“This is just a client example, but there are many more demonstrations of how such innovations are helping us to enhance our services. We look forward to continuing this progress in line with the changing needs of our clients.”