Understanding HAZOP Studies to Drive Business Benefits

Apr. 7 2021

For any organisation in oil & gas, steel or other industrial sectors, it is vital to identify potential hazards when designing or modifying facilities. Comprehensive hazard identification is the cornerstone of effective risk management since, if a hazard has not been identified, measures cannot be put in place to mitigate the risk.

To support this objective, Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies provide a well-proven, structured method for hazard identification. This team-based approach offers a systematic and detailed examination of the processes and intended operation of new or existing facilities.

HAZOP studies are based on the theory that risk events are caused by deviation from design or operating intentions. By seeking out such deviations before they occur, the HAZOP can determine the risk potential of individual processes and their consequential effects on the facility as a whole. HAZOP studies can be complex but they offer a wide range of benefits, including controlling operational risk and driving cost savings.

To help you understand what’s involved and how to unlock these benefits, Bureau Veritas is hosting a new webinar, 'Understanding HAZOP Studies to Drive Business Benefits' on the 20th of April (12 pm – 1 pm) and will be exploring a range of topics, such as the principles of HAZOP study, the step-by-step processes of HAZOP study, the resources required for an effective HAZOP study and how these processes can benefit businesses.

Sohail Khan, Risk & Safety Consultant at Bureau Veritas, said: “We have planned, managed, delivered, and reported hundreds of HAZOP studies throughout the world and we continue to work with organisations across all industrial sectors to help drive benefits. We’re continuing to apply this expertise as part of our continued programme of webinars, giving organisations the opportunity to understand the principles, process and benefits of a HAZOP study.”

Registration is free but you must secure your place in advance. Click the below link to register your place for free.