ESG performance is at the top of the agenda across the globe, and the EU has published ambitious disclosure requirements under The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Companies that meet eligibility criteria will now be required to annually publish information on how they manage and operate their environmental social, and governance activities using the same methodologies, units and digital database. For the first time, the new Directive effectively facilitates the disclosure of sustainability information that is consistent, comparable, and reliable. Access to this information will improve investor decision-making, change the allocation of capital and how companies attract and retain their customers and talent.

Julie-Anna Smith

Sustainability Services Leader for South & West Europe

Bureau Veritas

The CSRD provides greater transparency than ever before. Organisations will need to understand what ESG data sources they need to capture and collect effectively and efficiently. It is a huge change for eligible organisations that will impact day-to-day operations but creates positive change to help unlock business efficiencies, new market opportunities, and future access to capital and other benefits too. And it’s coming soon – eligible companies must submit their report aligning with the CSRD on 1 January 2024, for the 2023 financial year.

That’s why we’re urging businesses to get up to speed, understand their obligations and put processes and technology enablement in place to make sure they can meet the reporting requirements ahead of the first deadline. And Bureau Veritas is on hand to support.

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Bureau Veritas is running a programme of activity in the coming months to support organisations to understand the implications and make positive changes toward compliance.

It starts with our webinar on June 28th, hosted by Magda Pavlak-Chiaradia (Global Vice President Sustainability & Innovation) in discussion with Julie-Anna Smith (Sustainability Services Leader, South & West Europe), from the specialist Bureau Veritas Sustainability team.

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The webinar will include a lively and interactive discussion from our sustainability experts, offering insights, exchange of best practices and possible approaches to prepare for CSRD.

We’ll cover eligibility criteria, the scope for non-EU companies, the wider benefits of achieving compliance and details of Bureau Veritas support services. We’re also offering a free guide to the CSRD for everybody who registers.

Jun. 1 2022