Understand PSSR Compliance on Your Coffee Break

Jun. 8 2021

With hospitality venues now open again following coronavirus restrictions, coffee shops, canteens and retail cafes are rightly focusing on getting customers back through the doors. However, there is another important consideration too – safety and compliance.

As experts in testing, inspection and certification services, we work with organisations to help them understand their compliance requirements and plan inspection programmes which improve safety and reduce the risk of litigation. This includes statutory inspections of pressure systems such as coffee boilers, steam ovens or pressure cookers – all commonly found in food production and retail catering environments.

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR), pressure systems including those listed above should be inspected to required frequencies and accompanied by a written scheme of examination.

To support Duty Holders in understanding and discharging their duties, we’re hosting a ‘coffee break’ webinar – giving everything you need to know about PSSR in food production environments.

‘Understand PSSR Compliance on Your Coffee Break’ will demystify the complexities of pressure equipment safety, hosted by Catriona Wallace from the specialist Bureau Veritas Mechanical team, you can join on Wednesday 23rd June, 10:30am – 11am.

Our webinar will answer key questions including:

  • What is pressure equipment / systems, as defined by PSSR?
  • What are the dangers considered by PSSR?
  • What is a Written Scheme of Examination and why it is important?
  • What is an examination and what is required to prepare an item for examination?
  • What is a defect and what actions are required when defects are found?

Catriona Wallace said: “There is a huge amount of positivity in the hospitality industry at the moment as people take the opportunity to visit cafes, coffee shops, canteens and retail cafes (amongst other venues) after the COVID-19 closures. It’s fantastic to see the tills ringing again, but with so much focus on hygiene we’re urging our clients not to forget statutory compliance too.

“PSSR sets out the requirements for pressure equipment such as boilers and steam ovens, and Duty Holders cannot afford to ignore their obligations. This short webinar will help to raise some of the issues covered, all in a short 30-minute session – so register your place, grab a coffee and join us on 23rd June.” 

Our webinar is free to join but you must register in advance. Click here to register.