Health and Safety Training


Putting the spotlight on health and safety

Jul. 31 2019

As a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, Bureau Veritas never stands still. We’re proud to lead the sector for innovation, introducing new technologies and processes across our business to help deliver services safer, better, faster.

As part of this continuous improvement – and at a time when some competitors are shifting focus away from their health and safe consultancy services – we are focusing on digitisation of services to support our HSI (Health, Safety and Inspections) clients.

New software, new structure

For example, we’ve introduced new asbestos consultancy software, which gives our asbestos services clients quicker access to reports than ever before. The TEAMS software will strengthen our offering, improving the speed of reporting and visibility for clients.

This is complemented by Building in One, our own web-based system for simple, step-by-step property portfolio compliance. Designed by our own engineers and developed by market-leading tech experts, Building in One enables clients to minimise and control their risks, manage their remedial actions and give peace of mind that the business remains compliant at all times. 

We’ve also restructured our successful division to ensure our team remains agile and our experts are best placed to meet the demands of our clients as we continue to invest in digital technologies.

Combined inspection services

Alongside these changes, we have relaunched Comply in One, our combined inspection service, with three flexible packages covering health and safety, electrical, asbestos, water quality and fire safety. Clients can choose the services you require and benefit from reduced disruption, cost efficiencies and consistency of service across our health and safety statutory inspections.

All this, of course, backed by the worldwide expertise and financial stability of a true global leader.

Experienced team with a focus on innovation

Neal Holden, Business Unit Director for Bureau Veritas, said: “This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the Bureau Veritas journey.

“Our health and safety services, which include statutory inspections, advisory services and training, have always been a core offering, with an experienced team of directly employed professionals supporting clients of all sizes. However, with the continued adoption of new technologies and a focus on digitisation of services, we’re more efficient, more responsive and better equipped than ever before.

“We have a wealth of experience within individual sectors, such as retail, hospitality, construction and financial services, where we work with many of the UK’s leading financial organisations to deliver a range of services including embedded teams.

“And with a growing team operating across the UK, we’re expertly placed to meet the demands of new and existing clients within those sectors.”

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about how Bureau Veritas could help meet your health and service demands, or for more information about Bureau Veritas’s HSI division, click here, or contact the team on 0345 600 1828 or at