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New service focus for Bureau Veritas sustainability team 

Aug. 22 2019

Bureau Veritas has transformed its sustainability service offering in the UK, reflecting the changing way in which organisations are tackling sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With greater awareness and understanding of sustainability issues, key stakeholders including consumers, investors and employees are demanding better sustainability performance from brands across all sectors.

Our range of Sustainability Services for organisations has now been streamlined into six key areas, encompassing the full spectrum of services for forward-thinking organisations in order to meet their sustainable development goals. These include:

  • Circular economy services - helping organisations to optimise their waste strategy
  • Sustainability strategy services - assessing the sustainability of a business or project to help drive improvement and monitor progress
  • Sustainable procurement services - ensuring sustainable performance throughout the supply chain
  • Environmental management services - achieving and demonstrating environmental compliance
  • Carbon services - supporting the development of bespoke energy and carbon management strategies
  • Assurance services - delivering personalised and robust assurance solutions that reflect each client’s individual needs

Showcasing our services

We have also launched a new, interactive, digital brochure in line with the new service focus, setting out the six focus areas and how our experienced team of qualified sustainability experts can support organisations to improve and demonstrate their sustainability performance.

David Murray, Technical Director for Sustainability at Bureau Veritas said: “New environmental and social risks are now a stronger reality for organisations of all sizes, from global climate change and dwindling resources, to exploitation of cheap labour. At the same time, consumers, owners and other stakeholders are adopting a zero-tolerance approach to failure or lack of transparency when it comes to sustainable performance.

“This can have a real impact on the reputation and ultimately the performance of an organisation – and with an expert team combined with a new service focus, Bureau Veritas is expertly placed to assist our clients in making sure that they address current environmental and social concerns whilst maintaining a profit.”

Want to know more?

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