Karolina Lachi Kolarova


New Business Unit Director for Bureau Veritas

Aug. 7 2019

We are delighted to announce that Karolina Lachi Kolarova, who has been an integral part of our team for 12 years, has been appointed Business Unit Director for Certification and Government Services & International Trade (GSIT).

Karolina will oversee the division, offering strategic direction to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of our services, whilst also continuing to manage Fire Engineering.

It is a significant move which will streamline our certification and conformity services, taking advantage of Karolina’s vast experience across many aspects of testing, inspection and certification throughout her long Bureau Veritas career to date. 

Certification and GSIT

As global leaders, we offer a wide range of certification and GSIT services, working with private organisations and governments across the world.

From ISO management systems and sector-specific certification, to global certification programmes for complex multi-national organisations, we area trusted leader helping clients to drive competitive advantage and enter new markets through effective certification.

Our GSIT services help to reduce risk and ensure that commercial transactions are completed satisfactorily. Karolina and her team works with producers, exporters, importers, banks, insurance companies and government bodies to offer services including pre-shipment inspection, verification of conformity and vehicle inspections.  

New challenge

Karolina said: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my career so far at Bureau Veritas and I’m looking forward to taking on this new challenge. The industry never stands still, with new regulations and new standards continuously driving improvement across all sectors, and we will continue to evolve our service to ensure we can support our clients in achieving this.

“We have a strong team here at Bureau Veritas, with a focus on innovation and digital services to help make sure we’re at the forefront of change. Combined with our focus on customer service excellence, it means we’re well placed to lead the industry.”